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Thread: where to go from here?

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    where to go from here?

    Hope everyone is doing well! I was hoping that I could get some help on a few things in my therapy. I am able to crawl which I do every day, and also walk in KAFO’s in walker but not good. Still working hard on balance. Any thoughts or advice would be great! I am a T10 incomplete Asia C injury date Jan 8 2011. Been a year and 5months since injury. Got a lot of signals back, have sensation to the toes but not good. This is a video of me crawling. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I can take a step with my legs (hip flexors) but I can’t lock my knees. If I could lock my knees life would be great! I have 12 foot long Parallel bars in my living room. When I am standing in KAFO’s I have a hard time with balance. Taking steps is easy but balance is another story!! Thanks guys!!

    this is just one video there are alot more on the same youtube page.

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    Hey Pbryant, are you still going for physical therapy? If not, there's a PT who posts on this site. Find the sticky Ask a PT thread at the top of the Exercise and Recovery list. I'd post the video there and see if you can get some tips. If you still are seeing your PT, ask for a 'map' to follow as you increase in strength.

    It seems as if everyone has a different method. Flying is proceeding with a lot of workout hours each day. Some swear by work in a gym, some swim. I'm a fan of repetition. I feel that if I can repeat, repeat, repeat, my damaged neurons may remember what to do. I also feel that strength training is key. Core strength is also very important. If you have some core ability, maybe seeing a Pilates practitioner might help.

    There's so much...that's the problem. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that might help us along. So, we need to be smart and organized, making sure we're working all areas and not just focusing on a few.

    Keep posting and letting us know how you do. Some times, it's easy to get discouraged, but just think of how far you've come and how serious of an accident you had. I think your progress has been amazing. I'm still rooting for you!

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    Do you have a standing frame? If so I would suggest trying to do small squats to hopefully help reactivate your glutes and quads. KAFOs are not going to help you regain your quads, if anything they would hinder that function returning because they are taking the place of your quads in locking your knees.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    I have a question as to how much is enough. Seems my son is dissapointed in his rehab. He states he is not able to do anymore than he was 5 months ago. I believe that he is frustrated and will return to a work at some point later on. As he can ambulate some with forearm crutches he still is using his legs. (about 150 feet is his max) and that is very slow. He mainly will use a wheelchair to get anywhere. Hand controls have been great for driving again. His dad of course thinks he will get worse if he does not continue with rehab.

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    Thanks ya'll i will post in "ask a PT"

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