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Thread: if anyone can help me with infos

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    if anyone can help me with infos

    Dear all
    If anyone knows of faced similar injuries please let me know.My sister 26 years old suffered traffic accident on 24.march.2012 where c4 c5 c6 brogen (instabile fractures).After exams doctors said that unfurunately only her right hand is active and she was diagnosed ASIA A.48 hours post injury she underwent 15 hours surgery for stabilizing dhe spine.2 weeks post injury she was waken up from coma and unfurtunately only the right hand was moving.
    That was all until 5 weeks post injury.In the beginening of the 5 week both legs started voluntary movements,the right side is much stronger,while lying on bed she can gather both legs (she can make flexion on the knee and hips)and keep legs on that position,also while sitting on wheelchair she is able to take off her shoes by her feet movements.On the beginening of the 6 weeks she could stand few seconds on her legs with small supporting on the nurse shoulders,also she could make about seven small steps of walking being supported on the nurses shoulders.
    On the 1st day of the seventh week post injury :The urine cathether is removed she is able to control miction,The right leg has been scored 5,and the left leg 2 on the knee and 4 on the feet.The right arm,forearm and hand is almost 70 % normal strenght and voluntary movements.
    The left arm there is just shoulder movement and slight finger movements,but the arm and forearm are with no movements.Unfurtunately on the 2nd day of the seventh week after this progress one of the doctors said to my sister that her life will be depended on wheelchair since left side is weak.Please let me know if on the seventh week post injury: standing few second,making few steps,right leg scored 5,left 2-4 gives any hope for walking pissibility on the future,if there should be any recovery on the coming weeks.Waitting for your respond

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    It sounds like your sister has had major and significant recovery from her SCI, and there is no reason to expect that she may not continue to get more return at this point. Unfortunately no one can predict if she will be able to be totally recovered or not.

    Obviously the prediction that she would be totally non-ambulatory is wrong. With a good SCI rehabilitation program, she should be able to walk, at least short distances, and perhaps more. She may need bracing or the use of an assistive device such as a walker, at least initially. Is she in an excellent SCI rehabilitation center now? If not, can you get her moved to one? Is she getting pool therapy or supported gait training as part of her physical therapy? This would be excellent for someone with an injury such as hers.

    Have you asked if her arm impairment is totally due to spinal cord damage, or if she may also have a peripheral nerve injury, such as a brachial plexus injury?


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    Thank you for your response.My sister is at Swiss paraplegic Center,I think the best one in Europe,today twice she walked with nurse support,first 9 steps and secondly 13 (small) steps than she stoppes because of low blood pressure,Please let me know that these steps at the beginening of 7 week does give any prediction for walking possibility.Yes it looks that her left leg is weak comparing to the right but while sitting on wheelchair she can move her hips,she can flex and extends both legs,all the foot finger can move.Also today she moved twice her left arm,Do you know if maybe some parts of the body as hand can go out of spinal shock later.For the first 4 weeks my sister was completely paralyzied except right hand.Then movement appeared first right leg,than left leg and voluntary movement of the hand fingers on both sides.I m not sure about plexus brachialis injury but I think it has to do with spine since there were no other hand or shoulder injury except cervical vertebrae broken

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    Is she wearing compression hose and an abdominal binder to help with her low blood pressure? Taking medications to help with the low blood pressure before exercise?

    Why is she walking with the nurse instead of working on this in PT? Has she been offered or asked for pool therapy? While a muscle must be graded a 3 or better to be used functionally, a grade 2 or even 1 muscle can often be strengthened using electrical stimulation. Is that being done for her in PT or OT?

    An unequal injury between left and right is usually called a Brown-Sequard type injury. Does she have some loss or decrease of feeling (sensation) on her stronger side? That would be classic. More impairment in the arms than in the legs is called Central Cord syndrome, and can sometimes be combined with Brown-Sequard.

    Ask for her most recent ASIA (ISNCSC) exam results. She is most likely no longer an ASIA A. A brachial plexus injury can happen simply from over-stretching of the shoulder during the accident, and there is rarely any visible injury to the arm or shoulder.


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