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Thread: Need ideas for a reasonably priced "Backup chair"

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    Need ideas for a reasonably priced "Backup chair"

    I've broken an important piece on my chair for the second time and it looks like I'm going to have to miss work tomorrow while I'm waiting for it to be repaired. I need to have a backup chair but I don't want to pay a whole ton.

    Most important things I'm looking for:
    1) Foldable, so it fits easily in a closet.
    2) Durable / low maintenance.
    3) Doesn't have to look super cool, but I'd prefer something not completely "hospital" looking.
    4) Under 1000 bucks.

    Any ideas?

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    I have a Quickie Breezy 600 as a backup chair. It folds, the rear wheels pop off, and the arms lift up out of the way. I ordered full profile polyurethane rear tires (24") to avoid flats or pumping. I have been using it for five years with NO problems and it only costs about 600 dollars at either or

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    check ebay!
    Good idea, didnt even think about that.

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    Tilite sells their demos on Ebay. Had a friend pick up a like new Aero X for under 600

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    eee BAYYYYYY!!! i check it almost daily, im always on the look out for a 17x17 Invacare A4 Frame. i have a 18x18 with 80 front angle thats just a lil to large and it a great knock around out door chair. would love to swap out all the part to a smaller frame

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