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Thread: blood pressure dropping during exercise

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    blood pressure dropping during exercise

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I can hardly use my standing frame for very long because mine drops so much. Not only do I get dizzy and start blacking out, but start to feel sick to my stomach a bit/get feverish feeling. Once I'm down I'm exhausted. It isn't enjoyable. I take meds 2-3 times a day just to keep it up sitting down. Drink plently of fluids. Have tried binders. Guess I could try ted hose and wrapping legs w/ ace bandage like in rehab.

    New problem is it's affecting me when I exercise. I'm getting through resistance and weight training ok although towards the end get hot/sick to my stomach/dizzy so lean forward often.

    I'm trying to use the upper body ergometer for cardio. Even right after I transfer over to it I get close to blacking out. I transfer several times a day w/o this prob. I feel similar when I transfer into standing frame seat. Anyway. When I crank the ube with my hands within a min or less I'm having to stop bc of my bp.

    I hate my low bp, it affects me more than anything.

    Maybe all this is an autonomic response?
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    yup!! it's happened to me all my life, even when i did sports. i nearly blacked out during canoeing training and they were able to take my bp and everyone was concerned. it still happens when i exercise at home. my solution is coffee before i exercise. it helps so i dont pass out but when i feel the ringing in my ears and my vision turning staticky, i just stop, drink water and wait, then i continue.

    everyone's bp drops when they exercise, ours just seems to drop more and harder to recover, especially if your normal bp is already low. (i have an AB friend that this happens to)
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    I know this is a dumb question but does drinking fluids really make a drastic difference? I take 10mg midodrine 3x day and I'm still dizzy sometimes. I'm bad about drinking water and I kno it. Could large amounts of water replace my meds?

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    ECU, It helps me I think especially if I chug it in the morning. I notice my bp isn't bottoming out as much throughout the day. Also I have to stay active. If I sit too long at the computer or wherever it is worse so I try to move around and go do something every so often. When out with friends I can't just sit at the table for hrs. The longer I'm inactive, the lower it gets, the more my neck/traps hurt. Eating or drinking alcohol makes it tank too. All the fun stuff.

    Truthfully I could probably never go w/o midodrine, at least not before getting out of bed. These things help me reduce my meds though. There was a time I was on florinef and midodrine. Like you, I was taking 10 mg midodrine 3-4 x/day. I now take 10 mg in the am and 5mg later in the day. Sometimes I'll need that 3rd 5mg dose or I bite off 1/4 pill.

    Try chugging about 8oz in the am before getting out of bed. Eat smaller or lighter meals or time your meds w/ when you eat if that's an issue too.

    crypticg, are you getting sick feeling too? I'll try the coffee. I started drinking decaf a few yrs ago for various reasons including insomnia. Since I started going to the gym first thing in the am maybe this won't be an issue now. It just sucks that I feel this way on the ube. I transfer over onto a seat by myself that has no sides or backrest and so when I get dizzy I really have nowhere to hardly rest. I can't lean forward enough because the machine is there and backwards is nothing.. besides I need to get my head down. I did ask someone to push the parallel bars next to the machine so I can kinda lean to the side onto those.
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    EC: YES!! it artificially increases bp by increasing blood volume, so yes it helps in the am to drink lots, especially if you drink coffee.

    yea i can get sick feeling, but it's more if i wait too long.
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    You know what I'm gonna say.....

    wait for it.....

    wait for it.................

    ......... wear your binder!

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    I need a better one, I guess. Haven't found one to order with stays.
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    You should help me find one.
    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash

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    A few things that stand out which you might need to pay closer attention to, that could be effecting bp (not all or the only things, but just some notes I'm making for now):

    • Working out first thing in the morning
    • Increased low bp symptoms towards end of workout
      -> exerting lots of energy, use of muscles, constant motion/activity, being tired/weaker/dehydrated
    • Increased low bp symptoms when at rest
      * the last two conflicts?? Need to examine more what might be going on when you experience symptoms at these two times.

    Fluid / food intake
    • Drink first thing waking up
    • Drink after getting in chair, with good breakfast
      -> helps bp but also fuels your body for a good and effective workout
    • Drink often during workout
      -> keeps your body hydrated, replenished, and bp in check
    • Eat small snack during and/or at end of workout
      -> eg. crackers, fruit

    Should (MUST) be worn tightly. If you need it tighter than able to put on, cinch it further with a belt - a braided belt is good, there are no fixed holes so it can be in any position. Even if you don't wear it all day, it should help ALOT during workout.

    Benefits of a binder when working out - helps maintain posture, positioning, and balance; increased control of body, especially in helping to stabilize torso when doing slow and controlled movements; increased diaphragm support to help with breathing and enables deep and controlled breaths (breathing is very important for bp, but also important when exercising)

    I always drink at least 24 oz. of tea or coffee right away after getting up in my chair, then another. I used to gulp down a 32 oz. mug pretty fast with a piece of toast or something immediately after getting up and then have another mug at a slower pace, but have reduced the amount a bit due to recent abx surgeries. After gulping down, I usually continue drinking more. But, the point is, the physical pressure/resistance around my abdomen helps tremendously. The resistance against the binder is critical for me, because if I drank or ate without the binder on, I feel great discomfort and pain from the distension, without much added help with lowering bp, and definitely not helping me with my breathing. I have a higher injury than you guys, so I get dizzy from just talking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    You should help me find one.
    I a zillion times infinity!

    I know, it's hard to find something that fits and is comfortable. I'm always adjusting. But, I'm going through making changes and looking for different ones again, so if I see anything, I'll let you know! (but you have to actually give them more of a chance before saying it doesn't work! )

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