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Thread: LEG BAG vs. NO LEG BAG!!

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    LEG BAG vs. NO LEG BAG!!

    I am a L1 complete paraplegic since March 2006. I have been wearing a condom catheter and leg bag ever since. How many SCI sufferers are in the same predicament verses being able to "dry up" with Ditropan or some other drug so they can just do Intermittent Caths and not PEE their pants on a regular basis.
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    Post bladder management

    Dear Grange,
    Please provide additional information about you condition in regards to bladder management. Unfortunately I cannot assume what your question is. thanks

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    I had tried ditropan, detrol, and another I can't remember to no avail. I am T-10 from Aug. '08 complete and have had spastic bladder causing it to hold sometimes less than 75 ml before leaking. About 15 days ago I had Botox injections and now have been 'dry' for 3 days. I still have to remember to intermittent cath every couple hours or every 300-400ml, but I have been very happy with the result. I still have the condom cath on just because I only have had 3 days of dryness and am not sold yet.
    I am very happy about the prospect of not having a condom glued to me for the rest of my life. Hopefully it works. Maybe it will for you too. Look into Botox. The research can't hurt. But listen to what your urologist and other MD's have to say. Every one is different, and your situation may differ from mine.

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    I would like to know more as well, about the exact question.
    As a T6 for 21 years, I only use intermitted catheters... I did rock a leg bag with condom cath for at least the first 2 years. But ultimately got enough sensation back that I can now tell when its time to pee, which probably means I am an incomplete injury. I get a light dysreflexic trigger that tells me its time to go. At that point I have about 60-90 seconds to find a bathroom or dark corner somewhere. I hope you can find a functional solution. I have heard good things about the botox thing and have friends that have had success with bladder augmentation....
    Keep us posted and good luck.
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    t-9 complete here I have been on vesicare for the past year. Ditropan stopped working. I have been happy with vesicare. No more leg bags since

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