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Thread: Are the moments after waking up when you feel the worst pain?

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    How long has it been since you have reduced your bachlophen use? That could be the issue too. I don't know how you guys take so much nuerontin and stay awake. Frankly, nuerontin did nothing for me. Maybe you should look in to acupuncture. I know a lot of people who say it really helps them.

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    Maybe it is the baclofen. Hmmm. Scary though because I need to go off of all of it if I want to get pregnant

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    Would a drug pump w/ baclofen count as weening off the grug. I will be going back to bac from prialt. There is an idea. Have a prialt trial to see if it is an option. Everyone wants to share the type and location of there pain. I think it is safe to say, if your on this forum, your in a world of shiot cowboy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    Maybe it is the baclofen. Hmmm. Scary though because I need to go off of all of it if I want to get pregnant
    Have you considered switching from oral baclofen to a baclofen pump instead of going through pregnancy baclofen-free? Instead of going into your bloodstream/circulatory system, the pump delivers the baclofen directly to the central nervous system (CNS). You'd still get all the benefits of the baclofen without any of the drug reaching the developing fetus.

    It might be worth talking about with your physiatrist ans OB-GYN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterf View Post
    i too feel a continuous burning stabbing pain form injury downwards.
    The only time i don't feel it is when i am asleep. Again it sometimes flares up.
    i also have a never ending stomach aches. However i take no medication, just complain a bit and move on. my problems seem more to be mental than physical. i can really get down when disability hinders things i want to do.
    I feel it stabbing into my feet and going up.
    stabbing in my hands going up, stabbing on my tush going upward.
    I think I feel the least neuro pain when I wake, and it slowly creeps in getting stronger over an hour or so, then will lighten until evening when the stabbing gets bad again.

    it is difficult to get to sleep because of it.

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