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Thread: My New ZR2 (pics)

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    My New ZR2 (pics)

    The pics are purely 'amateur' and with a crappy camera from my mobile phone (especially with low lighting around) so be kind . If you need a close up to be showed in particular just ask and I will post another pic.
    I will post in the next few days pics of how I'm sitting (posture) so as to gather more 'intel' and possibly change something on the settings.So here's my new ride!

    Frame Finish: [Black Lava]
    Color Anodizing Package: [Black]
    Seat Width: [15"]
    Seat Depth: [17"]
    Front Seat Height: [19"]
    Rear Seat Height: [16"]
    Front Frame Angle: [85°]
    Seat to Footrest: [16"]
    Footrest Type: [Titanium Footrest w/Flat ABS Cover ]
    Footrest Width/V-Front: [10” Footrest Width]
    Seat Back Type: [Folding Titanium Backrest ,
    locks when folded]
    Back release bars:
    [Carbon Fiber]
    Seat Back Height Range: [Small Folding]
    Seat Back Height: [11.5"]
    Seat Back Angle: [89° - Folding Back]
    Center of Gravity: [3.50"]
    Rear Wheel Spacing: [1"]
    Camber: [
    Camber Tube Type: [Aluninum Camber Tube]
    Front Wheels: [4" x 1Performance 5 Spoke 2-Piece Billet
    Aluminum Wheel w/Soft Roll Tire - Black Hub
    Front Forks: [Slipstream Single-Sided Forks]
    Rear Wheel Size: [25" Spinergy LX White Wheels]
    Tires: [Schwable Marathon Plus]
    Handrims: [Aluminum - Silver Anodized - Std]
    Handrim Mount: [Short Tab]
    Wheel Locks: [Composite Scissor Locks - Quickie Style]
    Upholstery Colors: [Black - Std]
    Back Upholstery: [
    Tension adjustable by straps]
    Seat Upholstery: [
    Tension adjustable by bolt]
    Side Guards: [Aluminium Fendered - Std]
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    some more
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    and a couple more.
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    That looks great. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the pics. It looks fabulous!!

    I'm particularly interested in how you like those fendered sideguards. Please post a review of them sometime.
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    Thank you all for the good words. Indeed, much better in live(pics aren't that nice), it's a ghost devil chair with some kindness in it (the white LX ..the Yin Yang approach!)

    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Thanks for the pics. It looks fabulous!!

    I'm particularly interested in how you like those fendered side-guards. Please post a review of them sometime.
    Whether are cool or not , I cannot do without fenders. I utilize them for push ups (to avoid continuous butt pressure), occasionally get dressed/undressed on the chair but more importantly (imo) to have lateral side support and of course to not get dirty or wet very easily.
    These aluminum fenders just sit perfect (profiled) with the 25' wheels, didn't had to adjust anything. As a downsize I could say that they can be a bit bulky for car transfers, but I already compensated that cause the chair now is much shorter (much lighter too) and it enters very easily in the front cabin (on a 4 door car). I can even pass the ZR2 at the back seats in a way, so overall I'm pleased with the fenders' practicality.

    I was thinking prior ordering to go with the carbon removable fenders but aesthetically they seemed a bit 'wired' to me in photos I saw as they were not profiled at all with the wheels.

    Nonetheless, I will be looking in the market for new and better designs or when TiLite will produce more 'attractive' and compact-profiled fenders, I believe that there's room for..fender improvement.
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    nice looking chair i like the contras of the white spokes good choice good luck whit it

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    Looks great; thanks for posting the pictures.
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