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Thread: EXOSKELETON I'm sure you've seen this but WOW!

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    Here is also a news clip from last week of Arne Olav walking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif View Post
    What Mona posted was the ReWalk robot and what Bente posted was the Ekso robot by Ekso Bionics. As Bente mentioned above we had our national annual SCI conference over here last weekend and one of the vendors we invited was Ekso Bionics. We believe it is a exciting equipment with several possibilities. There are for sure some criteria’s for the usage and other factors to take into consideration. Anyhow, if one click on the link below one will see videos of all our presentations and lectures. Then if one scroll down on the bar to the right one will see two presentations named “Ekso Bionics” (one demo on Friday and one demo on Saturday). Click on these and then you will hear the CEO from Ekso Bionics Europe explaining the equipment in English language (just wait a few minutes into the presentation) and also see a woman using the Ekso robot. Leif

    Thanks Leif! That had to be exciting to see it first hand! It's a miracle!
    Scientist, computer wizards are getting so smart.

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