Xanodyne Launches Unique Stimulant Product; Invented by a Pain Management Specialist for Better Patient Care

FLORENCE, Ky., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Xanodyne Pharmacal, Inc. today announced that it has launched nationwide the unique, non-prescription stimulant product Lucidex(TM) (enteric coated caffeine, 100mg). Only Lucidex, with its patent-pending Stomach Avoidance System(TM), (SAS(TM)) technology, helps restore mental alertness while being "stomach safe." The product was invented by a highly regarded pain management specialist at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center based on his experience treating cancer patients. Excessive fatigue and drowsiness can be a debilitating consequence of chronic illness (e.g. cancer, MS, fibromyalgia) or a distressing side effect of treatment (such as treatment with morphine, benzodiazepines or anti- depressants). The Lucidex SAS(TM) technology ensures that the enteric coated caffeine tablet passes completely through the stomach before quickly dissolving in the intestine. Lucidex eliminates local stomach irritation problems common to many caffeine products available today. Lucidex is indicated to relieve fatigue and drowsiness.

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Until now, physicians recognized the proven stimulant benefits of caffeine but many have avoided using caffeine due to concerns about possible upper gastrointestinal irritation problems. The medical literature has an abundance of publications by leading medical experts endorsing the use of caffeine as an effective stimulant before resorting to controlled-substance prescription stimulants such as methylphenidate (Ritalin(R)). Lucidex will be available in pharmacies, major grocery stores and from www.drugstore.com in packages of 24 and 120 tablets. A significant professional marketing and sales campaign is being implemented, including physician education via Xanodyne's sales force. The national program will also feature infomercials on CNBC and The Health Network, medical journal advertising, direct mail to key physicians, promotions at major medical meetings, and a special $1.50 direct-to-consumer rebate.

Lucidex (enteric coated caffeine, 100mg) is the only product to provide:

* The clinically proven stimulant benefits of caffeine and

* Stomach safety due to the SAS(TM) enteric coating technology and

* A unique, easy-to-swallow 100mg professional strength tablet (the

smallest tablet on the market) designed to allow physicians to tailor

the exact dose needed for each patient

"Xanodyne is proud to introduce this unique and effective product," said Stefan Antonsson, President of Xanodyne. "Lucidex is the only product designed to deliver the proven stimulant benefits of caffeine to counteract unwanted drowsiness and fatigue in a stomach safe formulation."

"I applaud Xanodyne for making this new and unique Lucidex product available at this particular time, a time of great consumer interest in the potential benefits of caffeine," commented Bennett Alan Weinberg, author of recently published book The Caffeine Advantage: How to Sharpen Your Mind, Improve Your Physical Performance, and Achieve Your Goals-the Healthy Way, by The Free Press, 2002.

Xanodyne(TM) Pharmacal(TM), Inc. is a branded specialty pharmaceutical company providing better patient care-for life(TM) through innovative products in the therapeutic areas of oncology, pain management and hematology. Xanodyne currently markets the leading prescription brands Amicar(R) (aminocaproic acid), The Original Methotrexate(TM) (methotrexate sodium injection) and The Original Leucovorin(TM) (leucovorin calcium injection) as well as the unique OTC cough suppressant DexAlone(R) (dextromethorphan HBr, 30mg gelcap). Xanodyne also has several novel products under development. The company is located in the greater Cincinnati, OH area. Contact Robert Estey, CFO, at 1-859-371-6383 or www.xanodyne.com for additional information on the product Lucidex. Contact Bennett Alan Weinberg at info@caffeineinstitute.org for more information on the potential benefits of the chemical caffeine based on the latest scientific information.

Ritalin(R) is a registered trademark of Novartis