Make them yourself a "Texan" with condom-"button" in reservoir tip-latex tubing-32oz Uro-Care latex leg bag. Been doing this for 30+ years. No mfg. ones will work for me. Cheap 20-35 cents/ea.

Steps for application: (paper towels cut in squares work instead of pkg. wipes for bulk cans of products below). I use pre-pkg. wipes for travel.
1) Remove any previous adhesive
Smith & Nephew Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover (can or pkg. wipes)
2) Start fresh by removing #1
Alchohol wipe neutralizes & cleans off the remover
3) Prep. for applying adhesive
Smith & Nephew Skin-Prep (can or pkg. wipes)
4) Protect other areas from getting any adhesive
Fold paper towel into triangle & tear off end as required will create a hole in the middle of the paper towel to slide over to base for hair, leg protection.
5) Place pre-made condom over the head
Durex, non-lubricated, reservoir tip - I buy online in 100 qty. at time $14-$22 shipped.
6) Spray area to be covered w/ condom w/ adhesive
Hollister Adhesive Spray (can)
7) Unroll condom to full (or req'd) length
8) Wrap base of condom +/- 1/3 overlap with self-adhesive tape
Elasticon 1"x5yd stretch tape, cut a strip as needed for overlap
9) Without rolling the elastic tape, stretch some base of condom back on top the elastic tape
This will prevent any "cuts" from the condom catheter base.
10) Couple of squeezes on the shaft helps with adhesion.

Sounds like a lot, but with everything pre-made & ready, it can be done in 2-3 min. & last 2-3-? days through lots of transfers if needed.

Confused?? I can clarify if unclear.