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Thread: Dr. Wise Young (PIC) My c4/5/6 were shattered

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    Dr. Wise Young (PIC) My c4/5/6 were shattered

    I was wondering, I just moved in a new apartment and found my xrays and 'ct' scans packed up from my injury in 1988. I was wondering if I may scan a few and maybe you see my damage or how it was, and my medal plate?? If ok, I will try in scan. Thank you.

    ps. From my view, God! Talk about crushed and mixed with shattered bone fragments! I'm surprised I am doing so well.!


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    fast, it is always a good idea to scan and preserve your images. Wise.

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    Yes, but, may I post them here?

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    I have decided when I find my scanner I will

    post my xray and [cs] photos of my neck injury

    and medal plate in members forum under my

    venting post. If I find scanner, [everythings

    packed up from my moving]. So if you look,

    forgive picture sizes, i am not certain how

    photos will appear in size or clarity. Thanks.


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    crushed c4/5 and 6 bones....bad scan.

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    Fast, it is not a good idea to post MRI's to the web site. First, the resolution is too poor to tell anything. Second, this web site pays for storage of files. Third, this is something that you should be showing to your doctor. If you have a specific question concerning a picture, you can ask but it is not a good idea for people to post their MRI's on this site and ask for comments from me. I would not be able to comment appropriately. Wise.

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