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Thread: Implant for spinal cord (Karolinska institute, Sweden)

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    so much media hype for ****** no reason, hey at least they lost money out of it and shareholders didn't get ripped off.... :sarcasm:
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    Surely its better that they tried and failed, rather than didn't try at all.

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    I had some serious concerns about this anyway, as I'm sure is true of most of you. This is a once-and-done deal to me. And if one is incomplete, as I am, consenting to this kind of approach is dangerous. I wonder what has happened to those in the trial. It certainly doesn't sound positive.

    As niallel said, it's better to try, but one definitely should perform a risk assessment himself/herself (and not just rely on doctors) before doing something like this. For example, was this done on mice only? What about primates, and what was the success rate? We're talking about removing an entire section of the cord....
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    557 heinrich cheng taiwan he is the one who worked for a long time on this treatment in Taiwan he has even already applied on the man in Taiwan but it was not effective but as he had already worked in Sweden they wanted to reproduce without work of the money wasted for nothing !! you can do some research on the forum with his name you'll see

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