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Thread: Acid comments

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    Seneca, before stating what I am saying,
    excuse me, I assume you meant it well,
    but maybe first try to comprehend what I wrote better.

    I didn't declare "the natural healing process" has to be a spontaneous process.

    I regard E-OEG not just "inhibiting", but outright in the way of natural programs interreactions and disabling these.

    Due to programs of other systems not having modes
    for E-OEG being there so in the spine.

    I also regard E-OEG in Cjo's to have had cellular defense active.

    I do not regard Cjo's "aliens" to be "a material" but another life form.

    I do not recall to have declared, no natural healing processes can take anymore in Cjo's SCI. A bunch just doesn't seem possible anymore, as before.

    Whatever people on this site disregard my repeat loops about the brain stem IMO having important regulatory control options important for C SCI healing in quite a number of cases,
    I regarded Cjo's with latent options registered here among the most important for healing processes there.

    And these E-OEG are so unnatural, that since already in my brain ain't go anymore, as before I was used, aiming from there down, I have no indication that these latent options are still existing as before.
    However the brain stem is not the only central systems cluster, from where healing processes can be run. Averaged to me it seems "just" one of the two most important ones, and the self the other major important one.

    With Cjo, though this might not be very complimentary, I regarded his self in a way to basically sorts of disregard it where it came to such.
    It just never seemed to me, that his self had studied about regulatory controls into and between systems very much, had studied Magie very much,
    and so it seemed just quite insignificant compared to his brain stem,
    considering here latent options.

    However, since my self, at least with some sense enhancer stuff and regulating around quite long, has sporadically tuned in some resonancies to do with the new, I assume the option per se is existing also for the self of other persons, to study about such and do such.

    I found resonancies of the new very much in the way to perceive about his own, though. Alike "blinding" me.
    And at least with that pic from that time (didn't try with a later yet) I somehow found the gap between the new far worse, than between his old.

    Finding it also not helpful, that already with the old was quite gaplike,
    but with the new another form of gap, and that they alike coincide.
    I'm still not getting, why it's this good to have made a gap there, sorts of overlaying with the other sorts of towards gap.

    Anyway, I once tried counter-steering against whatever to do with the new,
    and got in resonancies of the old shortly.

    However I doubt it would be bright to try to counter against whatever to do with the new in a tuning setting done direct with someone.

    "She thinks Cjo should have waited a while for his cord to heal itself"


    I think would have been faster, to steer around from external into the left neck, a while around there, around the SCI, from below up into the SCI, tune a while around there,
    interphase brain base into there,
    and set steerings either to Cjo's brain base or both parallel,
    to regulate around into the left SCI.

    (And this not just alike a few seconds one short time, but long time, over years often.
    Meaning, even if trying to sorts of kickstart along,
    no spontaneous healing expected,
    but more a gradual process over a long time,
    with quite some regulations for this steered from brain stem systems.)

    With the right SCI didn't go like this.
    Too damaged.

    So I figured, I use alike that "grid" sequence I might have mentioned in the sequences in context with CR's.

    Basically, to use the extending over from the stronger side into the weaker,
    for in the weaker getting in the central off-branches starts in for the "bars"
    (hm, just checked, WY told me, "spinal roots", but I prefer bars in this case),
    and useing the bars for alike in the "grid" game steering around,
    and after straining and regulating around internal ages in mine,
    to get settings for this in mine half-way decent enough,
    I got it, it also seemed to go from brain base down into there.

    However sorts of "fortification" from "the stronger side" into the left,
    seemed quite immense for this in sorts of requirements,
    to maintain this.
    Or at least to me there.

    And the readout was not, this side would naturally ever heal very far.

    This was just the furthest in method indications, that I ever got that it went at all this far getting in, alike seemed all the off-branches went a bit for, that the starts got in, and stuff like this.
    And this was with sorts of alike fortifying and aiming in over from the other side,
    and basic settings for trying to get stuff from below the SCI up,
    and sorts of this "bars" game by me still not sure, if to classify this into the by-passers, as a bunch is going over the bars in ways ain't seem exactly the most natural to do.

    Might be sorts of a bit bizarre, from a more natural perspective,
    to program something like this ever for serious into systems.

    And from where I tried the "grid" game for CR's, there seemed sorts of a "technical" problem to motor signals with this.

    Basically, I tried for thalmic down, and seems they hop from bar to bar.

    This is making considerable delays.

    I'm not sure, how far negative aspects of this would go,
    if one were to try for this as sorts of central motor control relays methodics.

    For sensory seemed not this much a problem, that seemed to sorts of more stream fluently over and up.

    But the thalmic down, which I assume important for motor control stuff also,
    this hopping from bar to bar, seemed to make for such considerable delays,
    that I wasn't sure if it would be bright to sorts of advertize this method
    as one to maybe try for, if not finding another way to get some stuff through there.

    Anyway, with Cjo's I don't even recall to have gotten it to try for thalmic to go bar-hopping down and channel into the non-SCI spine below again.

    With his I just played around to get brain base to be able to get the logs, so that the regulatories are much more enabled.

    It just happens to be the furthest I ever got playing around right SCI aimed, for all I recall.

    With the right it also still doesn't bug me this much, that the E-OEG went into there.

    I do not recall, aimed for the right, I could just sorts of leave it to brain base "automatics" eventually, as with the left, and just drift off to my own thoughts about this and that.

    With the left however, I was used to, this goes.

    And it never went since that OP.

    Anyway, I think with this important for partial healing regulatory control options from brain stem systems into the SCI are sorts of off.

    (Part II might follow later.)

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    Seneca: "Acid thinks that instead of tissue transplantation, the focus should be on finding ways to trigger or enhance the bodies own healing process."

    Nah, Acid doesn't exactly think like that.

    Apart from having started to wonder on ASC (without the fastest growing) and maybe "Isreali whites" (that macrophage sort) in intercombi (not, that I'm sure that's a neat idea),
    with Cjo's right SCI, I think so far the advantages outscore the disadvantages.

    However with his left side, I think it 'd have been better, to first find out, if one had triggered natural partial healing capacities, how far his brain stem could have gotten regulations within the SCI,
    towards healing,
    before what suspiciously seems disabling options for this
    with E-OEG.

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    WY: The ' and sticking it back to cure is appreciated.

    Your declaration what you regard to "interfere" into discussions,
    as if just liking to "hear" what befits your ideals, and regard this "discussion", ain't.

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    (III) "Acid, I understand your point" Hm, I didn't have the impression you did.

    "CR" (...) "highly unusual in complete quadriplegic injuries."

    His right ain't just not complete, from what I got in games here,
    but registered impressive latent potentials, outscoring even Cjo's left by far.

    However, whatever you disregard it maybe, Cjo's left of the pics I played with, still scored second highest.

    "I think the potential for recovery with Dr. Huang's procedure may have been greater in Cjo's case than waiting and hoping for sponatenous recovery to occur."

    Did I announce with his waiting for spontaneous recovery to occur?
    One might have waited a loooong time for that.

    Whatever it's been disregarded, the ideal seemed more, one tunes around from external into the lower SCI, alters potentials in his brain base to interphase within to there, that it learns to take over regulatory control into there,
    and this sorts of a central key.

    And not waiting around, while his self is busy with studying computer stuff or whatever, that maybe somewhen brain stem systems there might figure out by themselves how to do it.
    His self seems more contra-suited than pro-suited, for brain base to ever have done that.

    Apart from that, what makes you so sure

    (though I doubt it would have been bright to stick in E-OEG into the left at all),
    if one had first used brain base potentials to regulate around into the left SCI, and done that some years,
    and some crafted healers regulating around into systems, too,
    and first getting it towards where nothing can be improved via such methods anymore,

    and then sticking in the stuff, that by then potentials might not have been ways higher?!

    And I still think, it might have been better with the left side there,
    to not stick these in at all.

    Even if a bunch of months various is enabled to get faster through this way,
    for the decades that might follow, it might be more important,
    that brain stem regulatory options are not disturbed or disabled,
    by something this unnatural in the SCI.

    "For those with an aplastic CNS" Aplastic?

    "or very severe injuries, tissue transplantation or some other form of regenerative therapy will be necessary."

    I don't recall to have contradicted that.

    (And if having paid attention, parts of my ideals included combining a transplant method with magic programmings, including stuff that could be called "regenerative therapy". Even though I didn't call it this.
    I didn't declare transplantations per se to be insignificant.)

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    ACIDESE goes like this:

    C-SCI: Semicirculars.

    Check options from self, brain base, if not found too dangerous, cerebellum, and thalamus, set towards central control.

    Overbridge for magic sensory for various.

    Before considering sticking E-OEG in, or OEG, into C SCI,
    first check regulator options if interphasing brain base magically into the SCI.
    If these score high, warnings against sticking E-OEG into there.

    Or at least not, with someone just having SCI a few years, and latent options still registering considerable, and many not used.
    First using such far more, and when nothing goes anymore such ways, then to stick in such "aliens" can still be considered.

    And then first programming up magic interrelay options with a bunch of spine regions & brain stem.

    And trying to get the semi-circulars high.

    This leaving such a gap in the middle, I still ain't get the advantage of this, but this might just be my lack of comprehending about this.

    With the stuff all the way through, why would it not go faster, without such a gap in the middle, if one were to program for some spine region below & above, that there are adaptations to this?

    Or if one'd stuck in at least some, alike lesser density?

    But I do not wish to judge this now for serious.
    For that I comprehend too little about it.

    And I have not magically programmed around in someone's systems with such a gap, without such a gap, and with sorts of lesser density of new between two higher density areas,
    to make sorts of the E-OEG & magic programming options comparison with this.

    (Not, that just 1 of each would be alike the fat comparison base for general.)

    Cjo's IMO was stupid, to over the last months not having programmed it down till right side into the L (or further, in case someone had figured out how to do that)
    and left side either parallel or all the way down the spine.

    This having left it at T4 like this,
    I find no particular advantage in.

    IMO also with the off-branches pairs at T1, and the lower C, it could have been considerably improved in how much can go from there up.

    IMO it was also a mistake, to not have made a sorts of ring-shape tuning from the lower E-OEG batch towards the upwards one till the 6th week post OP very often.

    Topic off-branches pairs, or what WY seems to call spinal roots, IMO it'd have been better to before OP try to tune a bit for all,
    particularily the lowest (with the central SCI, that didn't exactly good for in what to expect from such),
    and even with the new in, I think it'd have been better to tune for the lower of these off-branches.

    Before OP IMO from below upwards into the SCI should have been tried a lot,
    as particularily left side potentials for this here seemed high.

    The cellular defense of the E-OEG seems in the way for such.

    I think it might have had advantages, if the self of that brain had learned how to synch energies into the SCI,
    and after OP how to synch energies to phase with energies of E-OEG.
    And finding compatible enough ones.

    To not communicate with the new,
    I doubt is very good for sorts of integral purposes between the two lifeforms.

    The E-OEG seemed in the starts to have in energy patterings the embryonic,
    where not long high energetic activities seem appropriate.

    More alike with embryo or baby activities,
    that after some activities, long rest breaks again.

    For Cjo's, it seemed with T diaphragm hight easier to first for there, and maybe later for a few segments above, than from up down.

    With other T seemed to in the starts of November that an interesting aiming sequence goes, one aims in for the left (stronger side and considerably easier, aims for a T region, over to the other side,
    up to brain base,
    and tunes around till synch.

    The right T segment tended to come in mine then in just highly fragmental.

    However, I assumed, that if such had been done often over the months after OP,
    the new would have adapted to some extent to this.

    I just expected from such, though,
    that it goes from alike extremely shitty, to some less shitty.
    And certainly not, that with the right side it would go alike just non-SCI or so.

    Trying for legs offbranches or legs, seemed about suited to cause alike internal twitches in mine.

    I asked Cjo, and he wrote, if getting twitches in the legs, some sorts of (?) standing frame or something like this, seemed suited to get rid of them.

    I usually, if I catch me such in pic games with pics of people with C-SCI,
    tend to log out and move around, till being rid of them again.

    So this standing frame or whatever thingie method of his,
    seemed an interesting idea.

    With translinks, I wasn't sure, if it could not happen, if one were to do them direct, that it'd be triggered in both.

    And wether it would be better, then to stop, or to just go on, and trying for differing legs off-branches, to get these better in.

    However, I thought, might be better first T in till T12 to some extent, and then down into the L and to where legs off-branches are, and then trying around for there.

    (This, by the way, not meaning, that I am out per se for what I regard for me set off-zone tunings below T. And I'm outstandingly bad with tuning around down there,
    and might have trouble, even if long at it, to even just find most of the main pairs, even if I were a bunch of LSD sessions with someone at it, and sorts of ignoring for a while my own set off-zone politics.

    It meant here more general principles.)

    With thalamus I didn't check, if it might go, to first transtune some energies through to below with spine, and somehow get it to some thalmic translinks eventually also following via hardware? No idea.

    Cerebellar tests I often find too dangerous, as the last I accidentally half knocked out in brain magic was to do with having aimed before for some cerebellar energies translinking, and then trying something from that.

    Anyway, I assume that who is after motor control, might have more chances if finding out, if from cerebellum and thalamus various can be gotten through, and working a while around on that, and if ever getting some through, trying to also leave regulator controls often towards cerebellum or to thalamus, and trying to get them to sorts of program around themselves.

    In context with the thalamus there's an ACIDESE term called sequencer.

    The sequencer in differing individuals seems to have differing capacities,
    to take over autonomic control,
    and also differing capacities, to be sorts of central command.

    Persons, whose sequencer was never trained far, to be in autonomic central movement command,
    and the sequencer there more used to be under the command and supervision of the self,
    than doing a whole load without any connections active from the self to there,
    might be far less suited for such,
    than the sequencer of a person used from the past to be long times completely autonomous
    in central navigational control.

    The sequencer in either case might need some instructions, what's it's supposed to try for.

    And being gotten towards, that this is getting towards sorts of more "automatic" there.

    So, to just try to stick the sequencer to it straight, and then withdraw and wait around,
    might not lead particularily far.

    It IMO better first gets, what it's supposed to process and do for a task,
    and also that it's supposed to take over central command to process into a certain direction.

    With this direction it seemed to me from CR's, that unnatural ones can be programmed for, alike it going towards into the right arm off-branches,
    and that it's supposed to process for this,
    that it goes to there better.

    (Left side seemed not enough passing options for this, or at least not for mine.)

    (This in sides referring to SCI,
    not thalamus, there it's the other side.
    Alike from left thalamus to the right SCI,
    and from the right thalamus to the left.)

    In the brain stem there are differing control setting options.

    The lower brain base, or what the neuro dudes might call medulla, seemed to me more towards same-sided.

    If shifting up to the higher, it might start to register for various sorts of more cross-sided. I know very little about the higher,
    and it seemed some goes also same-sided.
    Before I brabble too much stupid stuff about this, I currently rather leave it to others, to find out mroe about this themselves.

    Anyway, it makes a difference,
    if trying from the lower brain base,
    or from some upper region in the brain stem,
    or trying in sorts of a vague way brain stem more general.

    I'm not sure if E-OEG are stuck into persons with high C damages and being on some breathing device.

    However if so, I assume it might be worth the attempt, to try to log for brain stem breathing control and phrenic nuclei,
    and personally I guess I might sorts of consider alike laying siege to the new,
    trying to get some more through them.

    It seemed to me the aliens can be aimed for by a particular mode to do with smell targetting ways neater, than some other methods.

    Among the interesting was the following:

    One aims into the region vaguely, and tries, as if one wanted to smell them.

    When their resonancies start to come in,
    one tries, irregardless if having zero molecular perception, to give the central command into their direction, alike as if one wanted them to use sorts of smell sense, but not for smelling something, but alike for molecular whatever.

    Alike trying to aim a smell sense, that's not a smell but a molecular identifying,
    up from the new into adjoining non-SCI regions upwards.

    This seemed suspiciously suited,
    to get the new to sorts of aim their focus upwards into regions
    of spinal segments above.

    From this a shift over into whatever you call feinstoffliche perception in English,
    seemed suited, to get it towards more interphasings from the new with host regions above.

    However, there seemed with this smell stuff something I found distrustworthy,
    as somehow it seemed to me, if playing for this smell stuff too long,
    it might get towards direction something between the new and smell systems in the brain/

    And I thought that this might be better avoided. Unless out for it maybe getting more bizarre, than so far is my taste with such.
    I am not even sure if it would go, as I sorts of blocked when it went too far into the direction of such.

    Anyway, it seemed to me better, if wishing to play around with sorts of olfactory correlated with them, to keep it off that these connect with olfactory systems in the brain.

    Basically, to keep them off with their "cousins" or equivalents in smell correlated systems.

    The idea was just to target in for them better, to get their resonancies better,
    and to get them to interphase with upwards,
    and maybe somewhen interlink with upwards better.

    The T sides balances seemed in Cjo's for me a while alike having left stable.

    Before they seemed adapted towards the previous SCI status.

    Afterwards it seemed alike, the previous status not there anymore, but when I tried towards the old,
    this seemed alike ways too far, to be OK for SCI status there.

    However, it seemed to me, that playing around with this mode flexibility,
    that it might be possible,
    to use this also to program up capacities,
    for how much goes from T below up through.

    Another interesting one in games here, though I do not wish to judge now, how bright it would be to do this direct,
    was trying to outregulate the SCI.
    Trying blockers around.

    Synch controlling for the weaker side below SCI blocker to phase with the one above this side.
    This side towards alike more dominant.
    Down-regulate on the stronger side, to go sub.

    Trying with this as sorts of a main setting,
    to then get the four outblockers,
    to equalize synch.

    But so, that the ones aimed for stronger side are in base settings sub to the weaker sided ones.

    And guarding along for particularily the weaker side, that from that side below the SCI to above the SCI
    synch is supervise.
    As there systems capacities for that seemed not exactly something high and to go easily by itself.

    Basically if having the 4 towards even,

    then trying to sorts of hold this.

    (And trying to guard it contra left side going too dominant and screwing it up.)

    Then trying for to in own stop upwards ones at high T, and trying from lower and lower in the spine, that it sorts of tunes in, but sorts of stops
    in high T,
    and when having the "body spine" more in,
    phase for the brain stem,
    synch body spine & brain stem,
    do some stuff I currently don't feel like finding English words for,
    and sorts of steer towards feinstoffliche quite a bit.

    (Wonderful ACIDESE, ain't it.)

    I had the suspicion, if one were to sorts of let this as a main setting
    just sorts of slam over to Cjo's,
    and then regulate internal ages around back to it, and then just let it shift over into Cjo's again,
    eventually it might cause some significant changes in the SCI, E-OEG maybe adapting along to an extent towards this.

    However, this sorts of letting it slam over into his, I am not sure how advisable it is to try such for serious.
    I mean, in a way body systems are set there towards sides even,
    most of the spine down in at this time,
    and the SCI are sure not seeming up for this.

    As long as they are outregulated far enough, why not, but if one is sorts of letting the outregulator go, and having it slam over into his,
    until the process is completed, there might be a bunch of seconds, where I am not sure how advisable this is for systems security.

    Not, that if I had SCI myself, it would stop me from trying and finding out.
    Particularily as I might care more, trying to get the new and the SCI to adapt to this,
    than what it does to systems.
    But this is not exactly the most systems health balances heeding method to advertize for.

    This was still the harmless version of ACIDESE.

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    (Actually, the last one in a way belongs with the magic sequences.)

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    Hm, but since at such here:

    I tried in pic games tuning me in the alternate one going into arm from CR's.
    And to overlay rapidly with a pic of Cjo's.
    Seemed interesting.

    However with his goes further down-spine in ways as with CRs not.
    I wasn't in the mood to experiment long around to find out about modifications towards this.

    However, I thought, a mix between previously arm sensory correlated programmings
    and this,
    seemed somehow interesting with systems like that.

    I just haven't been exactly the brilliant genius (just joking around on some disputes before on this site) where it got to thinking, how does one combine this?!

    I mean, the alternates are quite differing from stuff alike aiming in some off-branch below the SCI in lower C or T1,
    and trying to fuzz for more going from there upwards.
    How to combine a "CRish alternate" with such,
    I ain't got a clue currently.

    It doesn't seem particularily important to me at the moment, either.

    I just thought, maybe I'll somewhen park stuff about Cjo's alike with CR's, options, played for not to be ever used, sorts of autistic systems games more.

    And stuff like this, that is so intricate and complex,
    or at least for me,
    that even if, instead of someone contra LSD and highly disinterested, instead it were someone into this, or even desperately after, that such arm translinks stuff is transprogrammed into systems, gee, that'd suck to even just try, to process about and steer interrelays for.

    It's more just a thought game, combining alternates with trans-SCI ones.

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    Sorry for misinterpreting your comments Acid, just a shot in the dark attempt to understand. Thank you for the explanation.

    [This message was edited by seneca on 01-07-04 at 02:15 AM.]

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    I just thought with amusement, now you might have had some long reading from this.

    Seneca, I'm quite used to hardly anyone on this site seeming to actually bother to try to comprehend what I try to express about.
    (Though some trying to follow it to some extent.)
    And particularily US Americans seeming into illusions often
    (not just) about what I wrote.

    At least you didn't seem to regard it a cause to just do primitive firing into my direction.
    With various others I sometimes wondered if they are just waiting for some pretext.

    And parts you got right.

    I assumed you meant writing it either nice or neutral.

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    I give you an A for effort.

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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