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Thread: learning to walk after L5 damage

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    learning to walk after L5 damage

    I have paralysis of left foot causing a foot drop and am wondering if I can learn to walk again. I have used forearm crutches for the past 7 months and have not had any PT since Dec. due to workers comp issue. I am still waiting for approval for gait training and a AFO but in the mean time I have been going to the gym and doing what I can to decrease the amount of atrophy. My achilles tendon has shrank, even with passive range of motion my ankle will not dorsi flex. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Someone posted the article below about a device that can help with foot drop:

    I believe BioNess and Walkaide have similar products that use estim to cause dorsiflexion that a dr can write a script for. Im sure people on CC can give you feedback on them.

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