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Thread: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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    Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

    I have had tennis elbow (epicondylitis) for a long time. Its severity comes and goes but I have sore forearms and pain using hands. Steroid injections used to be used for this, and I had that done twice several years ago, but I understand are now considered a poor long term plan. A new treatment my doctor mentioned to me is injecting platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood. Apparently it can promote healing especially for chronic epicondylitis. Does anyone have any experience with this or know anything about it?

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    No responses so far. Nurse? Is this really something new? Or is it unknown because it isnt any good?

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    Its effectiveness is still being debated and it may not be covered by insurance For example:

    According to the January 13, 2010 issue ofThe Journal of the American Medical Association, platelet-rich plasma therapy–thought to significantly decrease healing time for strains, pulls, tears and even fractures–is now found to be no more effective than saltwater.

    However, since that report some other studies have reported positive findings. It came into the news largely because Tiger Woods supposedly had it done as well as some other well known athletes.
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    That is interesting. Another Dutch study (the one doctor showed me) had positive results when compared to steroid injection.

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    That is why it is still being debated. There are studies yielding both positive and negative findings. What I have not seen are any reports of adverse side effects.
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    I noticed that. It seems if it doesnt work one is no worse off, unlike with steroid injection where there are real risks.

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    The verdict is still out on this therapy. There seems to be no side effects that are documented, but keep in mind, there mat be some that have yet to be discovered.

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    I read up on this when our dog ruptured a CCL. I remember a pitcher having it done. I n humans most studies/reports have "prolotherapy" working for strains and tears. But enriched platelet plasma seems to work as well as other 'irritants' excepting phenol alcohol. It does not help fully ruptured dog's CCLs. Maggie still needed TPLO surgery. For dogs with small tears the dog hospital she had her surgery in uses stem cells to fix the ligament. The founding surgeon does peer review for human trials in stem cell use in joints also. Dr Leasure did Maggie's surgery and she was in a clinical trial afterwards using a human grade device to speed her bone healing by 40% with an Exogene ultrasound unit at home 20 minutes a day.

    I'd do more searching using 'prolotherapy' and look for both animal and human trials. Since any chance of damage is about zero animal trials may be used by a good sports med orthopod.
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