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Thread: OEC clinical trials in Poland

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    adi- Something happened in Romania? I ask because I have not heard anything about an over-night miracle recovery of sort in Romania??[/QUOTE]
    no cure for sci around the world yet ...only clinical trials without any results.
    • Dum spiro, spero.
      • Translation: "As long as I breathe, I hope."

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    Most important slowly everything is aiming to better.

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    "no cure for sci around the world yet ...only clinical trials without any results"

    adi, thank you very much for you explanation, we did not know about this, this is someting new.
    thanks again

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    Prof. Jarmundowicz and Dr. Tabakow

    another news from polish tv. OEC transplant surgery.

    sorry, in polish language only.

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    I would like to inform you all that the next operation is planned to be done next month as I was told in a telephone call with Dr. Tabakow. Also, in a Polish SCI forum, Dr. Tabakow wrote that they already have the 6 patients prepared for the OEC treatment, three of the patients are quads with injuries lower than C4 and the other three are paraplegics.

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    Thanks for the update hp


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    do you know how long after injury? are they chronic?

    Dr. Tabakow, do you have any information for us, if you would be so kind

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    I'm new, this is my first post

    This is a translation from a Polish SCI forum post that was posted by Dr. Tabakow.

    Referring to questions

    Questions referring to the current condition of Mr. Tokarz: He passed the experimental procedure very well and now he is doing a rehabilitation program.
    Unfortunately, due to the fact that these are clinical trails we cannot tell everything because of certain rules. At least in a year's time we cannot inform the public of the patient's neurological status and of his medical treatment. After the year, there will given a public statement.
    The fact that we will not be giving information out doesn't mean that nothing is happening.

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    Welcome and thanks Rexio

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