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Thread: I was on TV today!

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    coooooolllllllll!!!! i sooo want you to win!!!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    cool I know most everybody on here voted for you, I know I did ,good luck!!

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    To vote click

    Each IP address can vote once per day. The first time (and only the first time), entering the promo code 935 registers an extra 5 votes for Shannon.

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    Voted, fingers crossed for ya
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    Super! Glad you got this exposure. I'm clicking everyday for you, Shannon!

    Your daughter seems wise and mature beyond her years. You two make a great team!

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    Go Shannon, I voted and think that was a really well done segment.

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    I saw it ..... it was great. Hope the extra exposure gets you some more votes.

    remember everybody .... you can vote every day. takes under a minute, and I haven't gotten any spam from using my email address.

    good luck shannon!
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    i got u five, good luck.......

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    Well done!

    Almost wishing I had entered now as I'm still doing the car thing 27yrs later! LOL
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