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    Used crossover

    Ezra decided it would be easier to get his chair in and out of a suv than a car as he would not have to take it apart all the time. He has a 2005 mailibu. We did look at a mailbu max which I liked as good gas mileage and yet he can get his chair in. Of course the salesman had him take a drive in a larger suv dodge journey. I thought is was too big & cumbersum but I am not driving it. gas mileage is not good either. Today he is looking at a Ford edge. Will see if his chair fits in the back.
    The tradein for his car which is paid for they are giving us the top amount however, the different suv he is looking at will still be alot more $. With colleges costs coming up not sure if I can swing another payment.
    Anyone have suggestions on different small suvs or crossovers.
    The mailibu max is not too much more as a yr newer. May have to go with it.

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    Ezra's mom doesn't need to absorb the debt for newer vehicle for her son. A typical 60 month loan will last longer than a typical 4 year college experience.

    I understand the use for a more convenient vehicle, but I'd either do a trade for something of equal value or have him deal with taking his chair apart & getting through college.

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    I do not know what type of disability your son has, but this is what I use (for the winter months at least)

    even without the adaptive parts I think most para's could be able to transfer in and then reach behind the B-pillar through the rear door and pull in their fully-assembled chair if the rear passenger seat were removed. I use a simple hook I bent up from a $10 brass rod I got at HomeDepot to pull the rear door shut and zoom-zoom away I go. Saves alot of wear and tear on the chair and vehicle interior. I realize the Mazda5 is not a "crossover", being only front-wheel-drive, but with a good set of winter tires it gets around pretty good (with the right pilot) in our Canadian winters.

    And as Scott said, a car payment is not all it's cracked up to be. I know from personal experience that the more cars my parents bought for me over the years the more of a spoiled brat I became.

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    I love my Toyota Venza crossover. It's awesome and has plenty of room.
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    Well let's see. We (us gimps) want to be treated like everyone else. Sooooo tell him to be glad he's got a car at all and if he doesn't like it, get a job and buy his own.

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    A lot of people have enjoyed the Honda Element and it's double driver side doors, might be something to look at and shouldn't be as expensive as a Edge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by offroaderswife View Post
    I love my Toyota Venza crossover. It's awesome and has plenty of room.
    ..but pricy. I have been in love with these since they came out. It was a brown one. You just don't see brown vehicles anymore. Recently I noticed something really cool about them - the doors go all the way down, so any and all damage done by the caster wing of a wheelchair when transferring in is covered up by the door when shut instead of like most vehicles the skirt below the door showing all the scars. And, as orw likes it point out, the transfer distance isn't as far as a lot of other new vehicles.

    But, as per the OP - ORW are you able to pull your chair in without dismantling it?

    Also - once you buy Japanese you will never ever buy another American vehicle.
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    He wanted to pull the chair in without dismantling it. He is now looking at a dodge journey 09. With his car he would have to pay minimum extra and would be able to pay this on his own. Not rushing in to this as figureing out his small income plus schooling he should be able to make monthly payments. Will see after the weekend .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooley View Post
    Also - once you buy Japanese you will never ever buy another American vehicle.
    Not me Tooley...had a Toyota Highlander and had major issues with it. Went with a Ford Ranger with the jump seats taken out and have been happier ever since. It is easier for me to get my chair in and out of the car too.

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