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Thread: Icon Wheelchairs - NY Metro Abilities Show

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    Cool thanks Jeff

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    I'll be giving my Icon a run @six flags great america this weekend. I have had no problems adjusting to not having a frame to grab, we'll see how I do this weekend.

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    here's my take on the NY Expo Icon........

    Had a chance to check and demo several chairs at the NY Abilities Expo this past weekend including the Icon. Saw and rode some nice chairs and saw some others that weren't so nice that i didnt want to even sit in. Thought i would share some opinions...........

    First the Icon. Saw Jeff @ Icon, pretty much shot straight over there as soon as i got through the Expo doors. Got through all the pleasantries, etc, etc. with Jeff & his trusted side kick Misha then jumped straight down to the floor and started giving the Icon a thorough examination. Listened to Jeff for a second as he was explaining a 2nd chair (they had 3 chairs including Jeff''s) to another customer. Jeff was great, he pretty much cut me loose & let me have my way with the chair while he talked with other interested riders. Sat in it, rode it a bit, didnt like it, got out of it again and went to work adjusting the Icon to fit me. Here is where i have to apologize to Jeff because while i was doing all this I apparently started stealing a little of his thunder as i un-intentionally went into salesmen mode, morphing into Jeff Adams himself explaining the chair to others as they stopped by while i was making my own adjustments, sorry Jeff. I didnt realize i was doing this until my buddy told me this later with a laugh. Total adjusting time in between running my big mouth, 7-8 mins. I changed COG, front & rear seat height and back rest angle and after I got her dialed in I took her for a ride & off i went. And ride I did, I had the chair for over an hour and was surprised Jeff didnt send security out looking for me. This chair is much easier & simpler to adjust than my Marvel. You can make all the adjustments to the chair without taking the wheels off, flipping it over etc etc. It was fast, simple and trouble free. The new straight, hump free prototype front wing is a good fit and much more appealing TO ME and if i understood correctly there will be 2 to choose from. It was a nice smooth ride and a effortless push. I do regret not taking the chair outside and hopping a few curbs to test the suspension, by my current suspension chair experience and the personal "technical dissection" of the Icon told me it will work as its designed too. Solid back was nice and for me would be a must, i rode both the carbon fiber & the laminate seat pan chairs and noticed no difference in weight (more on weight later). What I liked the most was the back rest angle adjustment, it can all be done on the fly while ur riding which is what i did. Not so favorite was the side guards which i thought were a tad to long and held me up a little bit for a floor to chair transfer . I'm sure with time I would be able to work around it as with all new chairs. As we all know, Jeff & Christian are always quick to respond to a users observations. It's a good chair, its new, its fresh and its in its early stages and i am sure it will continue to evolve into a great chair. Knowing Jeff & Christian's past dedication to building an innovative chair, they did not disappoint with the Icon. I had someone take some photos of me with the chair but as i found out when i returned home, some people still don't know how to operate a digital camera. Go figure.

    Going to post some other thoughts on the Pantera, TR3 and a couple other chairs i played with at the show.

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    Bob, thanks very much for your report. I haven't had the chance yet to see what it's like making the adjustments to the Icon so I am grateful you talked about that. They look easy and Jeff makes it look real easy but hearing it from a 'civilian' is reassuring. I envy you have the chance to check out the Pantera. Seen it online and it looks killer though - really expensive and non-adjustable. Great looking though. I'll be reporting ad naseum when I get my Icon and begin living with it, which I hope will be some time this month.

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