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Thread: son with c5 has constipation

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    Unhappy son with c5 has constipation

    hi getting Worried about my son who is 20 and c5 and despite all efforts by his carers has been constipated for three days. eats lots of fruit and has a mixed diet, drinks fluids... supposotories and enma not working and he is spending so much time on the chair he is getting haemorriids. can anyone help? itis preventing him from therapy inclusing the swimming pool . normallynhe is regular every two days

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    prune juice helps

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    Much has been written here about dealing with constipation. Here are a few threads to read and review:

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    I have found success by introducing fish oil into my diet. There are many brands and you want to get a good quality capsule (Barleen's). I take 6 to 10 a day after I eat. I will take 3 to 5 pills after breakfast and another 3 to 5 at dinner. This will help in the long run as well. The effects might not be noticeable right away, but will come with time.
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    Yogurt with lots of active cultures should be part of his diet. Also ground flaxseed

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    Miralax takes a day or two, but does work.

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    duphalac syrup

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