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Thread: First handcycle do I get up hills!!

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    Took me a while to learn that it is OK to actually try and go slow up hills. Like Patrick said, 2-1/2mph is great.

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    Depending on where you are and traffic and if you have someone looking out for you zig zaging back and forth from one side of the road to the other can help you get up the hill. You are chopping it up into smaller hills so to speak. Also paying attention to your speed and anticipating the hill shifting into an easier gear and using the momentum. You will learn when to shift at what speed you need to start cranking after you shift, if you are going along and shift to an easier gear you will coast for a little while before your speed and the cranks are in sync. I have been ridding along time and know what gear I need to put the cycle in and what speed I need to start cranking at when I am on roads that I ride on a regular basis and going up a hill. My first handcycle was an attachment to my wheelchair that has 24 gears and a 2 speed hub so 24 gears each with a high low or 48 gears how ever you want to look at it and I was glad I had/have all of them. Including the attachment I have three cycles now and do not need all those gears, one only has 7 the other 27 and I still use the attachment because it is so convenient but I use about 6 of those gears on a regular basis (13-18). I have been cycling 19 yrs and it is a journey, but a great one. It was a lot of work building up to be able to ride as far as I want to but the satisfaction and enjoyment that came with it are hard to describe. Enjoy the journey....

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