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Thread: Join Our Poetry Contest: Deadline Extended to 5/15

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    Join Our Poetry Contest: Deadline Extended to 5/15

    DEADLINE EXTENDED to May 15th.

    ThisAbled is once again celebrating poetry month by giving you our readers an opportunity to submit your original work to us. As is usually the case, we are focusing our contest around disability issues. This year there are 3 categories for which you can submit a poem. There will only be 3 poems chosen in each category. Every individual is allowed to submit up to 2 poems for this contest in any category. The poem will be judged on originality and how it relates to the category chosen. There will be 3 prizes for the winners and they are as follows:

    1st Place winner: A $75 gift certificate to
    2nd place winner: A $25 gift certificate to ...
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    Fee Fi Fo Fum

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