I am new here and have an interest in stroke, brain injury and alcoholism. There is considerable evidence from studies in the United States that many people who suffer from brain injuries go on to commit criminal offences for which, some commentators say, they should not be held fully responsible.

The theory is that stroke disrupts brain activity and causes personality change. Tied in with this is another very interesting theory that stroke can cause a condition called "generalized anxiety disorder". This is a disorder of the limbic system of the brain which regulates fear and anxiety. The effects of injury of this part of the brain, in many people is a paranoid condition which is medicated by many with alcohol, often with disasterous consequences.

I am posting this because I am particularly interested in the use of baclofen for treatment of alcoholism after the publication of Olivier Ameisen's book, The End of My Addiction. His theory is that anxiety underlies a nervous condition which results in him having nervous tremors. He found that by taking large doses of baclofen, 270mg per day, he was able to eliminate his alcoholic cravings. This has been replicated now by thousands of people all over the world and many doctors are now prescribing baclofen for alcoholism.

It seems to me that there is a connection between tremors suffered by stroke victims, personality change, anxiety and alcoholism. I am interested in the experiences of anyone who has any experience with these conditions such as stroke, or MS where there is also muscle spasticity and anxiety and alcoholism or addiction.