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Thread: Pan Seared Bone in Strip Steaks

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    Pan Seared Bone in Strip Steaks

    Sea Salt, black pepper, hot cast iron pan, 4 minutes and dinner is ready!

    2 minutes per side.

    Dinner is ready with some baby red mashed potatoes and biscuits my daughter made!

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    What's the difference between sea salt and table salt when cooking?
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    Sea salt is not iodized like regular table salt. I find it has better flavour, but both are bad for you, lol.
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    More than you probably ever wanted to know about salt...

    Sea salt is the salt left from evaporating sea water. The minerals and elements may be slightly different because of different areas from which the salt water is taken. The color of sea salt may be slightly different because of these minerals and elements as well. And there can be variations in flavor in sea salt. Sea salt is usually more coarsely ground and adds a slight crunchy texture.

    Table salt is mined from underground salt deposits and processed to be a fine texture. During the processing, the salt is iodized and preservatives are added to keep it from clumping. You can buy table salt without added iodine. Flavor, texture and color are all pretty much the same in mined table salt.

    Since sea salt is usually coarser and there are other flavors from minerals and elements some people claim they end up using less salt when they flavor with sea salt and that there is less sodium in sea salt than table salt because of the other minerals and elements. It is a miniscule difference.

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