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Thread: Pain After SCI

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    Quote Originally Posted by khmorgan View Post
    Here is a nice article about pain after a SCI:
    i hate that article, frankly. i find it inaccurate, ntm condescending. have seen it before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    If you have a spinal cord injury or disease, you will have scar tissue where the neurons involved were killed or seriously damaged. This occurs in SCI, TM, MS, and other spinal cord diseases, not just traumatic injuries or spinal cord surgery.

    Untethering is primarily done for those with a syrinx or primary tethering, which may cause pain in some, but is not the main cause of pain in most people with SCI. Scar tissue within the cord itself is thought to be the main cause of neuropathic pain, and that cannot be surgically removed at this time without make the SCI worse.


    Tethered spinal cord is a condition where scar tissue forms and tethers, or holds, the spinal cord to the dura, the soft tissue membrane that surrounds it. This scar tissue prevents the normal flow of spinal fluid around the spinal cord and impedes the normal motion of the spinal cord within the membrane. Tethering causes cyst formation. Tethered cord can occur without evidence of syringomyelia, but post-traumatic cystic formation does not occur without some degree of cord tethering.

    So can i say that scar tissue causes tethering, which then causes pain? And pain can be treated by detethering/untethering, can't i? But according to your explanation, is tethering (which then causes pain) anything to do with scar tissue?

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