Sorrry its been quite awhile since I posted' I have went from flat on my back after T-11&12 compression fractures (incomplete)along with a broken pelvis in two spots after a fall from a roof to wheel chair, walker. crutches and a cane there have been many bumps in the road but I feel lucky. I still have saddle numbness+ED and a weak left leg, currently have intense throbbing, burning pain from my tailbone area down my left butt cheek & left leg the more my tailbone hurts the worse the symptoms when its real bad I tend to have smallness"leaking" accidents, my PT wrote it off as ortho arthritis!!! Awaiting a second round of steroids injection... I pray it helps throwing up from pain in the mornings is getting old.... take care I know there are many who have it much worse then I but somedays it gets overwhelming