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Thread: Alternative to Microcyn?

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    Alternative to Microcyn?

    For years but only as needed I have been flushing my bladder with a mixture of saline and antibiotics. What I do is take a large new bottle of saline and drop one antibiotic pill in it and let it dissolve. When I feel something coming on or symptoms of a uti I shake up the saline and put some in my bladder then clamp it off for a few minutes just like a Microcyn/Vetricyn treatment and it works for me.

    Hope this helps someone...

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    Which antibiotic?

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    On 11-22-2004 (
    SCI-Nurse KLD wrote:

    "Generally antibiotics directly into the bladdder are not very effective. Unless you have significant reflux, they will not help with pockets of infection in the ureters or kidney (common). In addition, many antibiotics must pass through your blood stream and kidney first and be metabolized by your body before they help with infections. Years ago I remember instilling neosporin solution at the end of intermittent catheterizations. It was a mess to do, expensive, and did not result in any lower rate of UTIs, so we stopped doing it. I don't think anyone does this anymore at a reputable center."

    On 03-01-2007 ( "macsmaker" wrote:

    [COLOR="DimGray"]"Antiobiotics for instillation
    My doctor has prescribed gentamicin bladder instillation for chronic UTI's. Because of spasms and the big "I", I would like to be considered for a botox study, but botox and gentamicin not compatible. Are there other antibiotics used for bladder instillation?"

    SCI-Nurse CKF responded:
    "Gentamicin is the traditional antibiotic for this. How long have you been on it? Have you tried not doing it. Instilling medication into your bladder can lead to antibiotic resistance."

    All in all, antibiotic instillation doesn't sound like a great idea. The bacteria that may be causing the infection may not be responsive to the antibiotic you are using and there is the issue of becoming antibiotic resistant.

    All the best,

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