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Thread: Will Medicare/Medicaid Pay For A TiLite Chair?

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    Will Medicare/Medicaid Pay For A TiLite Chair?

    I need a new chair badly and I want to go with TiLite but I've heard that Medicare/Medicaid won't cover Titanium chairs. Is this true? Even if I get my doctor to fill out a form of medical necessity?

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    TiLite makes great aluminum chairs (Aero series), too.

    I've read that Medicare/Medicaid will occasionally pay for titanium under truly extenuating circumstances and a very lengthy, special review process.
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    Your doctor and your PT will both need to write letters and provide evidence that you need a lightweight chair. I'm not sure how often it works out (and it will take awhile to get through the process), but it has been done before.

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    I'm pretty sure medicare will pay for a zra. I read it here on CC. Anyone know if this is correct. I need a new chair too.

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    I bet that 'length, and very special review process' probably costs more than the chair itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    I'm pretty sure medicare will pay for a zra. I read it here on CC. Anyone know if this is correct. I need a new chair too.
    I don't have Medicare so don't know the logistics of it all but if possible I would consider an Icon. I demoed one last week and really liked the suspension and how it handled. I have a ZRA that is only a year old, if I was buying today I would go for an Icon over the ZRA I have.

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    Theoretically titanium chairs are possible from Medicare but only if your prescribing doc and therapist can convince them that the aluminum will not work just as well for you.
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    medicare/caid paid for my zra 4 or 5 yrs ago. they won't even fully pay for a quickie gpv now.

    they're screwed up. dunno what's goin on.

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    medicare/medicade wheelchair approval process has changed over the years. when I was younger, I could get a new chair every 3 years if I requested. now i cant even get a new chair (current chair is 8 years old) because it doesn't meet their new qualifications (if your chair can bring you from your bed to the bathroom then your claim will be denied or if its cheaper to repair your chair than purchase a new one, your claim will be denied too).

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    From my experience, you can get a Ti Lite from Medicare, but it has be the ZRA and it must be aluminum, not TI. There is that darn 'allowable' thing and they will cover up to that amount, I think the billing code is K005 or K006. Some one correct me if I am wrong...
    So the they approve to pay for the cost of the ZRA, lets say $2700 as an example, then the price difference for the TI comes out of your pocket, generally about 600-880 bucks more just for the frame.. Aluminum is actually lighter than TI, but the TI is more durable and will last longer. Hope this helps a little.
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