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Thread: Price for ZR2 - on Sportaid

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    From Sportaid Find your lowest price and we will beat it on every thing not just Ti Chairs. Buy from people in Chairs.

    Jimmy Green

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    SpinLife has a good promo goin on until the 15th. 15% all tilite accessories and upgrades...........

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    I'm working on getting a ZR2 with my insurance, but I'm not sure what my out of pocket will be yet.
    I wish I knew now because I'd order though Sportaid right now if it's not worth my while.

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    Scott Pellett, the owner of, is also a chair user and a super great guy. He is as much an expert on product as anyone. Bike-on will also likely beat the price quote you can get.

    I suppose at some point someone's bound to be undersold, but the point is to shop around till you're happy with the price-customer support balance.

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