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Thread: Sterilizing piston syringe for catheter irrigation

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    what about just rinsing in the sink with extremely hot water and let air dry then put back together and put cap back on??
    Thank you, Ashley for the suggestion and I apologize for taking awhile to get back. I am a rather intermittent Internet user. Anyway, as I've been reading through these posts on this topic, it sounds as though even with boiling for 10 or 15 minutes, it is still not technically sterilized. In light of that, I feel more comfortable going with what is already sterilized. See the Chesbay post on this thread. At least I will know it is actually sterilized.

    I followed your link and just happened to have received an e-mail newsletter article that may be of interest to you:
    I just received this a few days ago. I don't know that much about it but it gets into the topic of MS further along in the article. Hope there is something helpful there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf View Post
    How about nuking it in the microwave oven? If it's dry, the only conductive material in it is the bugs you want to kill

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I've been mulling this one over.

    Do you know of anyone that has done that? I am concerned about the amount of time to leave it in the microwave and whether that could effect the sensitive substance that coats the black tip. If I don't nuke the piston and syringe long enough, it may not be sterilized. If I nuke it too much, I may soften that tip coating or the plastic such that the sterilized water could be effected. I like the idea of getting the less expensive sterilized piston syringes because I can use it once, toss and know it is properly sterilized. It seems cheap, simple and sure. I sure appreciate your feedback though. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    you cannot steralize medical supplies unless you have a home sterilizer it just won't work. it is better to get a new syringe and use a new one every day!!

    Thanks, Ashleigh,

    That sounds like the most sure way to know it is sterilized.

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