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Thread: how far weve come

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    To the OP's point; it a real testament to me, to us, and where we were when it happened to where we are now.
    I don't have a pic to post, but I do have a pic of how people saw me.

    Just kidding.
    Seriously, though, I know I've come a long way from where I thought I'd ever be. I have a wife, I have a job, I even drive a car. Hell, I can even say I have a life.

    I know I never I thought I could say that.

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    I can hardly bear to put my mind back there and it hasn't even been two years. Those first days of uncertainty that I'd even survive were almost better than the following days when I didn't know how I'd end up or what I'd be capable of.

    I'm in process of a cleaning project at home and over the weekend, I went through a file of all the correspondence we had with the disability insurance company, information from the wheelchair rental place, all the stuff from hospitals, PT. Blah. I wanted to burn it all and walk off into the sunset.

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    A trip through time.

    Here's a trip through time.

    Left to right:
    Photo 1. SCI March 23, 1987.
    Photo 2. Welfare and food stamps, August 1988.
    Photo 3. Graduation from The University of Akron, May 2001.
    Photo 4. Today, 25 years post injury plus and 20 years post employment plus.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Great smile - I remember the first time I went outside after my injury, the sun felt like nourishment for my soul.
    That's so true. I remember the first time I went outside. It was in January and though it was a little cold, the sun was shining bright, and it felt good to be outside. It also felt good to be alive.

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    I enjoy seeing these pictures. Patrick, your smile shows your who personality.

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    How far indeed. I don't think Dave would mind me showing these.
    He has come far too.
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    yikes-please resize someone!!Damn I'd ugly.
    ahem-how far we have come.

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    My son was five weeks old when I was injured in June 78. It was a bit of back to the land living in Vermont days. I have altered my hairstyle & beard slightly since. I got through Rehab pretty quick , was out by mid August. I can see I am still in a hospital loaner chair and awaiting delivery on a good old E&J premier with some knobby tires for VT terrain and grade aids for the hills. I was thin here and seem to keep loosing weight for several more months. Somewhere I found a way to reverse the trend in the ensuing years! Having a kid was a great motivator for me. I decided right off the bat that SCI was not going to effect him from having a "normal" childhood and me being a regular Dad. We did OK I guess.

    Great smile Patrick!

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    I have no doubt you did great (and altered the do Ches ( and your son came out just fine!

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    Well my turtle shell is prettier than.....LOL I still had stitches in the back of my head when this was taken. They didn't dissolve. I only had half a head a was real easy to braid. This is the first time I got to see my daughter after my accident. She couldn't come inside the hospital either of them, the trauma or the rehab.
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