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Thread: Wheelchairs and flying

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    Quote Originally Posted by t6para View Post
    Read a copy of DOT rule (Title 14 CFR Part 382) before flying.

    These are your rights. American airlines just violated most of them on my last flight.

    Know before you go and take a printed copy for them because you cant fix stupid.
    You can't, but I have found in general you don't need to brandish a rule book but simply be nice and explain what you need and things work out. What happened on your flight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roc21 View Post
    i must be lucky....ive flown bout 12 round trips, 2 with layovers ,so thats almost 30 flights, and ive never had 1 problem..i go right to door of plane, disengage so they have to push...its always been right there when i get off, nothing missing or broke...ive flown AA, Spirit,Delta, and SW...
    I've never had any real problems either, other than when some of the workers/ground crew moving my chair wouldn't know about the engage/disengage mechanism and would keep trying to 'engage' the power mode. Other than that, I've always had a pretty easy time flying, like I said above, from going through security to boarding. I never go early as recommended (~2 hrs is suggested) and it's been fine (except that time I was very late) nor do I bother with calling or talking to reps while booking - only called reps my first time since I had no idea what I was supposed to do, but it ended up confusing and worrying me more than being helpful. So, basically, I just book online and figure out what I need to do and how to handle things, as I do it.

    I definitely think people can take things easy and not worry too much. Yes, make sure to plan as needed, but don't stress. A friendly, easy-going attitude does go a long way - for you and for those there to assist.
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