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Thread: Scar Tissue Study Wise

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeaman View Post
    keeping on

    You are man that likes to get things done and likes to get answers very quickly
    could you chase up Dr. Steve Davis long awaited report . I am sorry if the report
    has came out and i missed it
    Stephen Davies presented new results at the Society for Neuroscience meeting last November. It appears as if he is making good progress, both at chronic stages and with contusion injury models. I don't think the full papers have been published yet, but here are the abstracts:

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    skeaman, yes I like to get things done, but get them done right. Jim bennet says I'm jumping the gun. I'm not trying to jump anything, but to jumpstart trials for us in wheelchairs. I'm going on Dr silvers belif that his might produce resluts for all of us. I belive if this works and we can get poeple off vents , it is a moajor accomplishment. I don't want any danger for anyone, but I want to get thnigs moving if possilbe. that's all. I ain't going to be long and I'm trying to get the best I can for our cause. I find that being wheelchiar bound changes a life, not everybodies. I mean some adapt better than others. I know the Jim Bennet and wise Young are conductiong through theri trials. I also know that the amount of work that has and is going thrugh these trials are above anything I can understand. I know that wise wants to cure us as anybody does and his knowledge speaks for himself. I hope, no pray , that he is able to start his trias in the USA this year ar Brakenridge austin Texas. WE all want this. I want the best for us and I don't want to read about a successsful trial in rats or mice and then NEVER hear fron the group or doctor again. All I want is results that prove successful for us. I had friends through the years who were paralyzed. there was no Care cure forum and a couple of these guys committed suicide. Now that I'm in a chair I see what we have now;I see what they didn't have. No forum and hope of a cure. I'm trying to get something done for all but not to endanger the cause or individuals.

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    I can understand ur feelings my friend Anthony. Keep your job done. Best of luck. No one can understand our feelings. Trial of Wise and Stem Cell Inc are center of eyes now.

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    Anthony, I applaud your efforts.

    I just think you need to be careful not to over-hype chondroitinase, or any promising therapy for that matter. Of course we are all shooting for the stars but with clinical trials, more often than not, they fall short. If you predict a miracle, the outcome will most often be disappointing, even though every trial produces critical info.
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    Reading the words of Wise and others about the extensive research into chronic SCI gives me hope for meaningful, function recovering therapies.

    Still, as a person who has had a (cervical) spinal cord injury for 17 years, it is very hard not to be despondent about the possibility of a "cure" when the reality of a cure seems so distant. Wise, give me and others with chronic injuries a reason to be hopeful.

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    Jim thanks for your response. I again say that Iam not the expert on chase or what it means to us. I'm not looking for a magic spaceship. I'm tryin gto get some committment form these parties that have som ediscovery of a potential benefit for this cruel predicamtent. I again say that wqe need sone committment or some form schedul of wha tit s next form Acorda or whoever of what they are doing. I know tha twise said 2-3 years aobut 6 monthsago at austin Texas. that is somethin gwe can live with but mor eimprotantly, hope is there. I know, belive me, tha tI know nothing in this sphere. wise has proven the complexity and th eongong of findings as we go along and as he goes along. belive me, nobody, but nobody, hopes that wise's trials that are 30 years in the making are successful. I've seen the damage that disease and maladies do to people. Evolution has it's own time and place. I don't wan tto see thngs appear in the news and nothing more to hang our hop eon. wise has said that mice and rats in akey to the overall discovery process. Belive me , we know that. what we need is a person standing or walking or going to the bathroom or whatever. I kow that cancer is still with us but advances are being met everyday. I have friends who have died of cancer but others who are 5 years post and cancer free. We have those . I know that a breakthrough of type 1 diabeits is boeing wprked on type 1 human trials have looked promising.
    we all have peoplewe know that have suffered from that diesase. Herat attacvks are now being treated with results never before accomplished this is an exciting time and we happen to be in a very serious conditon that will require careful trilas and startegies to beat this thing. what I want to see is trials that bring back things and get everyone ecstatic and bring hope.


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    I think Jim speaks wise words.

    I also value kivi66's input though some are turned off by the bluntness ... they have been here since 2001 so I value their opinion and maybe others could too. They've been witness to the circus with few players longer than I have.
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    Keeping on
    we all know where you are coming from . You say that wise hopes to try out trials this summer in the U S A but as far as i know the F D A has not approve any thing yet let
    hope they do

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    yea skeaman, I hear ya. Hope Wise gets approval and starts at Brakenridge this year. Also hope we get some positve news from china trials. I'm only a voice; I'm trying to get answers for all of us. that's my goal. I just keep trying.

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