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Thread: New SCI and new member

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    New SCI and new member

    I just wanted to say Hi and thank everyone here that leaves alot of great info for new members like myself. My name is Jim and I have a T5 Complete SCI. I am very lucky to even still be here after a a near fatal motorcycle accident in June 2011. I was in ICU for two months (only remember the last day or two there) List of injuries are T5 fracture, C7 fracture, 12 broken ribs,Puntured and collapsed lung, broken scapula and collar bone , Brain contusion, (some brain bleeding also) bruised heart(contusion) I think thats it.. I really do feel very lucky to be here as I became a new father 2 months before my accident. I just found this site today and have already learned alot! Thanks Jim

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    Welcome Jim

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    Welcome to the Care Cure Community.

    All the best,

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    Glad you found CC, Jim. Welcome.
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    Welcome Jim....Congrats on being a new father.
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    Jim, it's wonderful you survived and can continue being a father to your baby! Welcome to CareCure, and best wishes always.

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    As we so often say, sorry you had to find us, but glad you did.

    Please get active on our site. Lots of answers here, and you may be able to help someone who has been injured even a shorter period of time than yourself. We have some wonderful support and resources here.


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    Thank everyone! I have a question for SCI nurse. I have a blood clot in my thigh and have been on Warfarin for about 3 months. Should I be trying to exercise my legs to get blood flowing? Or any other tips for me to avoid future blood clots. I do have an IVC filter that they tried to remove while I was in rehab but decided to just leave it in.

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    You can exercise at this time. Electrical stimulation is great, but even passive range of motion helps with circulation.

    Since they were unable to remove your IVC, it is likely that you will be required to continue on warfarin for the long term, as this is the current standard of care. This does leave you at more significant risk for bleeding from small injuries, so taking all precautions to avoid falls will be critical.


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