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Thread: what is the recovery time

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    what is the recovery time

    On average for a carpal tunnel surgery for manual user?

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    That is very individualized and depends on procedure and your surgeon should tell you. It is a injury from chronic repetive issues. You will have activity limitations until surgeon says ok. We would probably put you in an electric wheelchair or some other restrictive device so you don't overuse until totally healed andl surgeon says okay to use.Then you need therapists to give you devices to keep it from recurring again and adaptations to wheelchair if possible.

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    My surgery went well for the carpal tunnel (right and then left 2 months later). About 1 week before stitches were removed and a small splint put on to help until strength regained. Dr cleared me for PT and to start wheeling my manual chair but NOT to push it. I knew if I was pushing it as soon as any pain hit, I slowed down. PT 3 times a week and in 2 I was back driving. Moved a little slower and palm of my hand felt like it had been hit with a baseball bat esp when doing pressure lifts. Just found I had to do a little hand adjustment for my pressure lifting. My surgeon cut just below my palm bones on my wrist because of having to wheel. Ulna nerve transposition took a little longer but all and all 2-3 and was back to doing my thing.

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