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Thread: Going Home Thursday! Advice?

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    Hi Sam, congratulations on going home! It is scary, but only for a short time. My best advice is: try not to look too far ahead, instead look back at how far you have come since your injury. Best of luck to you!

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    someone is always here for you/ we are all here for you , Sam-i -am remember that, it helps to have this network.
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    Good evening everyone! Thanks again for the great advice Being home has been pretty awesome so far! Tiring, emotional, but awesome! Things are slow moving but i feel accomplished in the little things like helping cooking and not being served! My husband has been amazing getting this place ready for me and anything that I need help on he is right there trying to create a solution. Right now I am sitting out on my deck enjoying the sunshine I have an appointment Monday to see if the turtle shell can come off next week!

    nmireles - We have our own bathroom that Ayden has made completely accessible for me and its off our bedroom so we don't have to worry We have a ranch style house and only one other roommate on the main floor. The other two live in the basement so they come up just to chill and cook. Thank you for the advice!

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    There's no lace like home!It can always be modified with a good husband!

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    He is truly amazing I don't know how he does it all! I'm having my mom set up something special for us to do just us. We haven't been alone in months!

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    I just found out A.J. will be coming home Wednesday. Good advice here from everyone - particularly on bladder/bowel supplies. I'd completely forgotten about the bowel supplies! I want to thank everyone who responded, too!

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    I hope AJ has a smooth transition! It really is a lot to take in, but after a couple of days it is just nice to be home! Def keep a journal, it is really helping me already You think you remember things but then something else happens and your mind may completely lose it!

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    Think of this as the start of a great journey. The initial transition can be bumpy and tiring but as you build up your strength things will get easier.

    My son was injured five years ago and it still amazing me how far he's come just by taking care of his body and making the most of every single muscle he can. You will accomplish great things just by learning different ways to get things done.

    Best wishes!
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