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Thread: Going Home Thursday! Advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam.I.Am View Post
    Thanks so much everyone! I love the journal idea! I still have another 2 weeks in the turtle shell so I know I will be extremely limited already. I think I'm going to sit down and make a list of goals and dates I want to accomplish it by. Reading all the stuff on here is giving me a pretty decent idea of what to expect Goal number one, sit in grass at the park and watch the lake! I miss outside
    Sit your ass on a cushion in the grass. :-)

    NEVER be too hard on yourself the first few months. Looking at cabinets you were able to get with ease, the piano you played is trying (examples).

    You may also encounter extra guests that come and visit that didn't see you in rehab. That'll fade too as you begin to navigate your Brave New World! Good luck!
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    Don't consider the turtle shell as "limiting". There are many things you can do to get stronger with the turtle shell on. I suggest you get some small weights and work with them to get your core strength built up. Anything you can do to raise your heart rate will make the transistion from bed to sitting up in wheelchair longer, easier. Working with raising arms above your head helps also. Hopefully, they showed you plenty of exercises to do in rehab. One of my favorites was holding a weight with arms extended in front of body. I remeber the days when I could barely hold the weight away from my chest without falling over, good times.

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    Get your house accessible. When I first got home, we didn't have ramps at the doors and I required help getting into and out of the house. Felt like a prisoner before we got ramps installed (actually I did the installation).

    Get a vehicle you can drive. You need to get your independence back.

    It is scary going home but once you get it set up you will find it very comfortable.
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    Keep stretching your legs often, daily if you can. Lie on your stomach once a day to keep your hipflexors in the front from shortening too. You don't want muscles so tight that you're literally stuck in a sitting position!
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    So much good advice here.

    Don't leave rehab without a follow-up appointment with your SCI physiatrist, a follow-up appointment with your primary care doctor (time to get one if you didn't have one!) and a follow-up appointment with a urologist familiar with SCI.

    Don't leave rehab without a clear plan for when rehab (as outpatient?) will start, and find out if you are allowed to return more more inpatient rehab for more rehab once your turtle shell comes off.

    Don't leave rehab without all of your Durable Medical Equipment ordered (eg. shower bench, ?raised toilet seat, wheelchair). Make a list of all the other stuff you need (caths, wipes etc..) and hopefully the nurses will give you a bunch of "left over" free stuff to tide you over for a few days.

    Don't leave rehab without the name, phone number of the medical supplier who will start mailing you your monthly bladder/bowel supplies. Make sure the initial order has been placed for supplies and you know the approximate arrival date. Find out which doctor has been named as the "ordering doctor". That will change to your outpatient physiatrist most likely, in the future.

    Ask where the closest place is to you that you can BUY catheters, if by chances the deliveries get delayed, or you ever run out.

    Totally agree with keeping a "little black book" of everything you drink, eat, when you cath and volumes you get and maybe some details on your bowels. This is so very helpful to figure out what works and what doesn't.

    Come back here with all the questions you have once you get home.

    I totally agree with getting outside and see your friends/family and do things you enjoy as much as possible. Recovery is a long road and a lot of work, so reward yourself.... and don't isolate yourself.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Sam, congrats on getting home soon!

    You'll be fine, just spend a little while preparing things and making sure everything you need is in reach before you transfer onto the bed or whatever. I ended up sleeping with my light on the first couple of nights because i forgot to turn it off and couldn't be arsed once i was in bed!

    Good luck!

    edit: get yourself a grabber or 'helping hand' if you havn't already... best thing i ever bought!
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    So much great advice! Sounds like everything is ready to go at home according to Ayden! He already installed a ramp in our garage and checked the doorways vs. my chair. Shower bench and toilet seat is checked off the list as is a list of supplies we need/have already. I am meeting with my doctor with the am for a exam but we already have p.t. and follow ups scheduled. Its weird to think tomorrow this time I could be relaxing on the deck (if the rain lets up) sitting on my cushion of course! Haha thank you so much everyone for taking the time and replying to me! You guys are awesome

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    going home

    Hi Sam, besides what everyone else says. Please keep this in mind, and I am telling you becuase it might help prevent some frustrations before they start. First i am t-10 paraplegic post 19 years. I see that your going home to your husband and also some of his roommates. This of course is going to be a big change for you and for them. Your needs have changed, so hopefully you wont have difficulty getting in the bathroom and such. Things will take longer than usualy especially bathroom things. Be mindfull of how much time you take in those rooms, I dont' know his roommates, but after time peoples attitudes can change from i am sorry you had an accident your poor thing to dam, she takes to much time in the bathroom. Try not to let things get you down, like when you have an accident or things like that, it will happen. Just smile and do the best you can. I am so happy for you and please take this the right way. I am saying this becuase it has happened to me. If you need help with equipment or other stuff. dont hesitate to call I have my own medical supply store, and i dont charge full price to the disabled community to help a fellow brother or sister out. Most of my business comes from big orders universities, us govt and so on. Good luck Nick 480-704-3870 Independent Medical

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    it won't be the same as you remember and you will feel "out of pace" for awhile so get ready for that. every little thing that you can improve whether it be your mobility or the accessibility of your house will make life better.

    take care of your skin and get out as much as you can (even when you don't feel like it).

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    This is very important. You should even try sleeping on your stomach if you can once in a while. Stretching your legs is something you should do every day.

    Good luck Sam.I.Am! CC will be here for any questions that you come up with along the way.
    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    Keep stretching your legs often, daily if you can. Lie on your stomach once a day to keep your hipflexors in the front from shortening too. You don't want muscles so tight that you're literally stuck in a sitting position!
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