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Thread: Happy Birthday Le Type Francais

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    Are you 30? Doesn't that make you a pensioner in gay terms?

    Happy birthday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anty View Post
    Happy Birthday Todd, enjoy your day

    hope you have a great day !
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    happy birthday sweetie!
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Yep, the cake is the most important thing. Hope you get a delicious one, Todd. Happy Birthday!
    (nsfw, don't scroll down if the boss is near-ish.)

    have a good one, toodles.
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    Happy Birthday Todd - may your sheets be crisp from dried up cum. Enjoy!

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    Happy Birthday, Todd!

    What did you do for your bday?
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    Thank you all for the funny and sentimental wishes. Mia, can you see me licking it like Miley?

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    Todd, I think you should adopt a dog for your birthday.
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    Happy Birthday Todd!

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