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Thread: What would you do? Verbal patient abuse.

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    What would you do? Verbal patient abuse.

    I had to shop at Walmart this evening and I saw a man in his 40's in a chrome 'chair being pushed by guy name G1. With him was guy 2 name G2. I didn't particular pay attention to him.

    As I was getting into my van G2 put the groceries in the cargo area and faced forward in the passenger seat of the tall van. G1 was verbally abusing the guy in the 'chair in a very mean tone of voice. I was having a little problem with flap going down on my lift since I was on uneven surface. Once I got in I wrote down the description of the men, van color and plate number and the name of the place where they were from. Actually I was shocked because serving on the Lorain Advocacy Board for People with Disabilities for 15 years, we as a group always heard good things about this place.

    What really struck me was they went to a Walmart 12 miles away where there is one less than a mile away which is a Super-Walmart!

    The guy in the 'chair appeared to have a mental development type disability but I was able to get his first name and description.

    If that was my father in that 'chair I would have said something.

    Telephoning the director of this place and putting a compliant in the right thing to do? Makes me now wonder what goes on inside the care facility.

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    Verbal abuse and physical abuse, especially in this kind of medical care situation should not be tolerated. When do you decide to get involved...i.e., if you see a husband being verbally abusive to his wife, a mother giving her child an excessively harsh punishment, what do you do? In your capacity on the Advocacy Board for People with Disabilities, I think letting the director of the facility know what you saw, is a reasonable thing to do. But, knowing when and how to get involved in other people's business is always a difficult call.

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    I say bravo to you.

    On the other hand, if he has violent tendencies, maybe there's a reason they went all the way to another WalMart and there were 2 men with him.

    Who knows? But great to follow up just in case!
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    What a sad thing to witness. I'm glad you took the time to write the info down.
    It does make you wonder what happens in private.

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    Good for you!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    Telephoning the director of this place and putting a compliant in the right thing to do?

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    You can also file a report with Adult Protective Services.


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    In many States there is actually a duty to report, in this case to whatever Department deals with adults with physical or mental disabilities (if the abuse is perpetrated by a relative or caretaker) or to the organization that licenses the facility ( in this case). calling the director will accomplish little because chances are he will not want to get the place in trouble. I would go higher up.

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    Follow up.

    Touchy subject.

    I was told to put it in writing and mail it.


    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    Who told you to do that? Where are you supposed to mail it?
    Sad, but at least you have tried.

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