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I too use nothing while driving, even long distances. There's just not enough headroom in my vehicle.
I'm curious how many long-time paralyzed chair-users actually use any type of extra padding in their vehicle. Not to take away from the OPs advice, but is this just an old wive's tale? The way it was worded, "to absorb the bumps in the road" - doesn't the vehicle suspension already do a pretty good job of that?
The best advice I think I ever got was to be a "wiggle-worm", never sitting still for very long. On road trips I tend to shift around at least every half hour, pull over at least every 2 for a good long weight relief.
Am I playing with fire?
I'm not looking to start a big argument here, just a novice looking for actual real-world advice from physically active (ie. able to do weight-relief) veteran wheelers.
I do the "wiggle worm" thing. Plus my mini has a pretty adjustable seat, I will raise it, lower it, make it recline more/less. To me the biggest problem on long trips is the tendency to stay in the same position for long periods of time. If I keep adjusting my position every 15 or 20 minutes I can do fairly long drives.