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Thread: Wheelchairs through kaiser

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    Wheelchairs through kaiser

    Does anyone know what kaiser generally covers with regards to manual wheelchairs? Are they jut the most basic crappy heavy chair from invacare, or will they cover a Tilite or something similar?

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    Depends a lot on your specific KP plan, and where you are located. Some KP plans have zero DME coverage.


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    I have Kaiser and they covered my Quickie Q7 and Spinergy wheels. Like SCI-Nurse said, it all depends on which plan you have. You also have to stay on top of them or else it will take forever to get any DME items approved.

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    Actually Ii just spoke with them yesterday, and it sounds like I'm gonna have no problems with them. I have excellent coverage with them through my wife. She is a school teacher, so basically I probably have as good of coverage as is possible with Kaiser. I go in today to pick out my chair and order it, so I just have to figure out which chair I want to go with.

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