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Thread: Need some advice from seasoned pros

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    Need some advice from seasoned pros

    I am a licensed educator who took a summer position as a PCA for an elementary child (behavior concerns). So far all is great, except for one thing - the other siblings. I was assured that I would be required to only watch/care for the one child; however, after a week it is obvious that I am really babysitting all three children (two without PCA services). One of the siblings is so terrible and has hit, kicked and verbally attracted the child I am supposed to be caring for. I have had to intervene several times to get this child to stop the behaviors. This child will also follow me and the child I care for all around the home and want to do whatever we are doing: playing games, drawing, arts/crafts, etc. The third child will ask me if it is okay to go to the neighbor's house to play, and I have had to intervene with this child's aggressive behavior towards the child I care for as well. The care plan indicates several tasks that the child being cared for needs to accomplish each day and it takes several hours so I cannot take the child out of the house for the majority of the shift. I have voiced my concern to my agency, and they simply indicated that my job is to care for the one child.

    All three children are elementary school aged. The oldest may be 11 years old, and the other two are between 7-9. They are home alone when my shift is over in the afternoon. I am feeling as though the parent is taking advantage of the PCA situation to get free babysitting for the other two children as well. I am certain that the law in my state prohibits the children to be left alone for their age. Again, I brought this up to the agency and there were no red flags.

    I am seriously thinking of terminating my position because I feel taken advantage of by the family. If I am also babysitting for two other children, then I should be compensated for it -right?

    Has anyone else been in this situation? What advice do you have for me?

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    If your agency isn't concerned, see if children services in your local government is. It sounds like all three kids may have behavior problems, and if they're left alone when you leave, its dangerous.

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