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Thread: Pressure Mapping/New Cushion

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    Pressure Mapping/New Cushion

    I think my husband doesn't have the right type of cushion-he's not terribly comfortable after 2-3 hours (with regular pressure lifts), and on a recent 11 hour flight, he felt that the plane's seats were more comfortable than his wheelchair cushion. So, what do we do? I've seen some posts about pressure mapping, but am not sure where we go to have this done (we live in the San Francisco Bay area). Do we go straight to a DME, or do we go through OT?

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    New Cushion

    Yes, OT would probably the best along with a prescription from either primary care doc or rehab dr. What is he sitting now?

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    The referenced Invacare Infinity GC cushion is a foam-only cushion and; effective this month (Apr 2012), has been discontinued by Invacare.

    In general, foam-only cushions are substantially inferior to: fluid/gel, air, and honeycomb type cushions with respect to preventing pressure sores. If your husband must be seated for extended periods of time (e.g., if he requires the use of a wheelchair) then a fluid/gel, air, or honeycomb type cushion would be recommended.

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