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Thread: Cold rainy weekend cooking

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    Cold rainy weekend cooking

    Shrimp and sea scallops marinated in olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and a little corn starch.

    Red snapper seasaoned with Zatarains Blackened Seafood seasoning.

    Roasted vegetables

    Dinner is ready.

    Gotta show off my girlfriends handywork with her meat loaf and her grandsons birthday cake she made! She's a keeper if I say so myself! The meatloaf and cake were out of this world good!

    The cake, pretty cool and very tasty too!!
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    Man are you killin me. Looks delicious , and here I am on a c lear fluid dietr waitin on surgery, haven 't eaten in 3 days. I'm starvin man. That meat loaf isn to ndie foor I bet. Been off for awhile, puter problems but back now,take care Wolfe, later.

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    Looks awesome Larry!!!

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