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Thread: unique voyage raises money for accessible sailing

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    unique voyage raises money for accessible sailing

    Matt Rutherford has just completed an unprecedented 10 month, nonstop solo voyage around the American continents, a trip over 27,000 miles that took him through the Northwest passage. His vessel was a 27 foot, 36-year-old, Swedish-built Albin Vega sailboat — christened the St. Brendan in honor of a 6th-century explorer.
    The audacious journey was conceived as a two-fold endeavor — one part charity, and one part self-exploration. The first part is measurable, and as of Saturday afternoon Rutherford had raised $79,393 for Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, an organization that provides sailing opportunities for the disabled.
    “When you’ve been out there alone as long as I was,” Rutherford said, “even a barnacle can be nice to hang out with.”

    When asked of his immediate plans, Rutherford replied sheepishly, "Maybe talk with a nice lady".

    Damn I wish I was a hot lady in the Chesapeake Bay area. I would throw down for this intrepid brother. Good job, Matt!

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    I would have loved to do that (the sail, not the throw-down, lol).
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