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Thread: Standing Frame For Sale

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    Standing Frame For Sale

    I have two Easy Stand 5000 models for sale. One belongs to me and has the dark gray material. The other belongs to my husband and has the green material. Both were barely used and are in excellent condition. The only difference is the green one is on rollers. We are asking $1200 OBO for each (including shipping in US). If you have any questions please email me at Thanks!
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    Also, if anyone has had a standing frame shipped in the past I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or tips. Thanks!

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    where are you located?

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    The gray one is in Princeton, MO (approximately 80 miles north of Kansas City or 80 miles south of Des Moines, IA) and the green one is in Keithville, LA (5 miles outside Shreveport). Both have been reduced to $1000 OBO with free shipping.

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    UPDATE: The green standing frame located in Louisiana is no longer available, but the one in Missouri would be perfect for someone who wants a great deal! Please email me at if your interested. I have pictures!

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