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I have to say, it's like a mule to push most of the time. I was so new to chairs when I got this that I went super conservative to keep it stable but the downside is a pretty heavy chair feeling a whole lot heavier due to setup. So far, you guys have confirmed what I was thinking. I want to bring the rsh down about an inch (changing the back angle to compensate) and bring the cog forward. The rsh drop will compromise posture a tiny bit but on balance, a small price to pay as I've always felt too high in the chair. After that I'm going to focus on getting the footrest situation sorted.

If I can get this thing dialled in, it will give me the breathing space I need to save for something like a Zra/Q7 in the future.

In truth, there are many things to love about this chair...You can throw it around and it just takes it so I think with some tweaks here and there it will serve me well for another year or so.
It looks like you might need more than an inch in the rear; I think you may want to focus on a ZRa (or Aero Z) rather than something like a ZR/TR.