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Thread: Is this a cure for paralysis?

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    everybody has to get a turn to milk a study - like CR says - "make a career out of it"

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    Bill M.,

    The SCI population has brass balls. Researchers have glass balls. Fear of failure holds researchers back, meaning loss peer respect, but most critical is loss of funding. In the meantime we suffer and wait. . . .

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    When is the SCI community going to offer scholarships for young people to become clinical researchers? Instead of railing at the lack of progress, let's push the scientists for the cure.

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    sweet how do i get his number etc

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    Regrowing spinal cord tissue ::

    Regrowing spinal cord tissue ::
    New discoveries pave the way for spinal cord repair

    Ground-breaking research led by Dr Geoffrey Raisman, FRS at the Norman and Sadie Lee Research Centre of the Medical Research Council's (MRC) National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill may lead to a way to repair human spinal cord injuries.

    Raisman's team showed in adult rats that severed spinal nerve fibres can be reunited with the brain. This resulted in restoration of movements such as skilled retrieval, climbing and the ability to breathe. Following the success of this work, neurosurgeons at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London are planning clinical trials on a small group of selected patients in the next 2-3 years.

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