Starting with a comment, The Encyclopedia Britannica 2004 Deluxe Edition is an excellent source of information for under $50. I have been browsing and reading various biology related articles on and off for the past week or so and have a much better understanding of the intricacies of the spinal cord than I did before.

Now the question, inspired by my reading. The encyclopedia says that the spinal cord develops the nerves [axons, dendrites, and neuron bodies] in the spinal cord and that later [ie, after the nerves are mostly grown], most of the cells migrating from the neural tube become astrocytes.

Based on the natural development of the spinal cord, what would happen if the astrocytes were removed from around the injury site [if possible] priot to transplantation of OEC/Gs or stem cells? Would it be possible to clean the injury site and remove the astrocytes, while preserving the neurons, from the area immediately adjacent to the injury site?