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Thread: Parenting from a wheelchair

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    it brought memory's my and my ex raised my son both in wheelchairs,proud to say he turned out a great kid caring,smart hes going to college know is turning 21 on may so that is proof that it can be done

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    I was injured after I raised my kids but I have grandkids now & they all have loved riding on my lap & I have found fun ways to play with them. I like the line from the son, in the article, "Dad I wish you could walk so I could beat you to a pulp!" to me that shows such a healthy relationship.

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    Thank you for this article! My fianc? is 10 years post injury and we are expecting our first child! I feel like I was reading our story. He, too, is paralyzed from mid chest down, and we were equally as shocked to learn we had conceived naturally! We are due in a few months and are brainstorming how to tackle some of the challenges we anticipate facing, such as lifting the baby from the crib, changing diapers, soothing the baby and feeding. I'd love to find more articles and resources for parenting.

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    heatherhalpern - check out . they are an amazing organization who can help answer a lot of your questions. we used their ideas to modify our cribs and help with some of the other day to day stuff. congrats and good luck!

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    Great article. Life goes on after SCI and it is what we make of it. Your wife is a good writer.
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    Great Article. Lots of familiar terrain there. My oldest son was 6 months when I was hurt. He's now 10 and his brother is 4. There is no glib one-liner to encapsulate the experience but harder fought battles have sweeter victories for the effort. There are things you miss out on but equally sweet moments that you share because of the chair that somehow even it out. As a C7 diapers were sometimes exciting but you figure it all out. Additionally a superhuman level of patience gleaned from the years in the chair have also served me well. Happy parenting.
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    So important to have articles like this in the media. Thank you!

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    Great article! Sounds really familiar...we currently have a 3 Yr old and a 1 Yr old. I'm paralyzed from chest down. I was a stay at home dad with our first starting from when she was about 6 months. Now I'm a stay at home dad with both kids but only 2 days a week. So many questions going into parenthood in a wheelchair...and you pretty much just figure it out as you go. Sure, you miss out on so much that able bodied parents get to do, but geez you get to take part in so much too. Best thing in the world!

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